A Few New Thoughts to Share

Just a few thoughts I just had to journal to maintain some kind of hope in mankind. It's so frustrating that so many people in this country are so stupid, ignorant, shallow and lazy.

The other day I flipped on the radio to the sports talk station here in Jacksonville, FL, and they just happened to be discussing the PSU sanctions and the transfer policy in particular. One moron host actually equated the recruitment of PSU players with the recruitment of SMU players after their "death penalty" and stressed that since PSU participated in recruiting SMU players they have no grounds to complain about PSU players being lured away.

I thought - but, but, but - the SMU players could no longer play football at SMU. If they wanted to pursue football, they had to go somewhere. PSU was offering them salvation.

I decided against calling in to the radio station, because, well, if someone cannot grasp a simple concept, they cannot recognize their own stupidity, and that's why I continue to fall back to my baseline position, which is "fuck them; fuck them all."

Here's another thought. Others have well argued how Louis Freeh's conclusions are flawed regarding the football culture at PSU. And they cite the academic achievement of the players, graduation rates etc. etc. etc. It's a no brainer really. Football did not and never has trumped academics at PSU. Likewise honesty, integrity and ambassadorship always walked hand in hand not just with football, but in every athletic program.

But Freeh's second conclusion has not been explored and exposed for the fallacy it is. The apparent disregard for Sandusky's victims, which raised so much ire with the media and the NCAA is pure bullshit. Just because there appears to have been no mention of the children by the administrators or coaches, Freeh concludes they didn't care.

Let me pose a couple of questions. All these young boys that Sandusky secretly abused, were they not under the care and supervision of a reputable charity specializing in the care and safety and supervision of children? With Sandusky's 1998 exoneration in the rear view mirror, until 2001, what reason has anyone at PSU to worry about any children being taken care of by The Second Mile?

That's like worrying that the Red Cross is going to loot your house after a disaster! Totally asanine! Of course the people at PSU didn't talk about the Second Mile kids. They were supposedly in good hands.

2001 was handled poorly I'll be the first to admit, but it was neither ignored, nor covered up. The men in charge were just not suspicious enough of Sandusky to put two and two together and send up a red flag. Same thing happened with Bernie Fine and Scott Ward. I don't accuse Jim Boeheim of a cover up, or the U Penn Economics Department of a cover up.

Louis B. Freeh is just another freaking idiot among many on this planet, and that's all I have to say about him.

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