Irony poisoning

So I'm headed to a wedding in Maine next Saturday. It's a 6 hour drive from Jersey and I wanted to make sure I'd be up there in time for kickoff against Temple, even if I can't watch the whole game. I googled Penn State-Temple and was happy to see it's a 3:30 start. I then made the mistake of clicking on a Yahoo! article entitled: How the Penn State Sanctions Affect Temple University: A Rival Fan’s View.

After confirming that the NCAA got it right, this jackass then spends a paragraph talking about how the sanctions will help Temple's recruiting. Not because anyone would choose Temple over Penn State necessarily (no one is that delusional), but because recruits that might have gone to Penn State instead of Temple will go to a third school instead.

He then talks about the crushing string of defeats Temple has endured at our hands dating back 70 years. And opines that by the time 2016 rolls around we might be depleted enough to let Temple eek out a victory. Reach for the stars Jimmy, reach for the stars.

And finally, the portion that helped me title this diatribe:

As a fan of a rival school, it will be nice to see Penn State's football team struggle a little (and before anyone gets on my case too much, Temple is a team that has suffered many zero-, one-, and two-win seasons in recent history no less)), and, if nothing else, it will teach Penn State fans that there really is more to life than just winning college football games.

Life will go on in Happy Valley, and, hopefully, the sanctions the NCAA has laid down will be the wake-up call that some of its higher ups desperately needed, as I can think of at least one thing that is more important than winning football games -- child sex abuse victims -- and it's especially nice to know the NCAA thinks so as well.

After spending the majority of his article talking about how the sanctions handed down on the backs of ten molested children will help his football team, he then claims WE need to learn that there's more to life than winning football games.

KA-BOOM. My head just exploded.

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