Attention: Everyone: Chill out, the sky isn't falling

Yeah, we lost to Ohio yesterday and it fucking sucks. Yes, Ted Roof..... "Roofied" the defenses ability to play decently.Yes, Gerald Hodges returning punts over Alex Kenney was..... an unfortunate decision.

You know what else also happened?

1) Our Left Tackle of the future looked kick ass when he was playing, and he's just a RS Freshman. Also, there were 4 new starters on the OL. The unit probably won't gel until the 3rd or fourth game. Don't think we're screwed for the future because of one bad game.

2) The Secondary was decent when they were allowed to make a play. I'm not talking about trying to stop a quick slant 8 yards off of the ball either. Yes, they need to improve on block shedding, which is why the Perimeter Screens were effective.You know who else was awful at shedding blocks on the perimeter? Florida's secondary in 2007, and look how they turned out (They too, for the record, were very bad that year). Point? They're young, don't think we're screwed for the future because they aren't doing well right away.

3) Oh look, we have talented young skill position player's! Allen Robinson unsurprisingly looked kick ass, Trevor Williams got open (And MM Subsequently missed him), and Kyle Carter (<3 the WR-TE Hybrid) looks really, really good (Albeit, the few times he was blocking, he could've done better). All of the talented guys we have seem to be young. And yes, I don't think Kersey was that great yesterday. Bill Belton, he still really needs to work on ball control, but if he can get that down, he could be really, really good.

4) We were outcoached by Frank Solich in the 2nd half. It's not like we were outcoached by some ass clown like Tim Brewster. Solich was fired at Nebraska because he only won 9 games in a year. He's a really freakin' good coach, and I'd take him coaching wise vs any other coach on our schedule, sans maybe Urban Meyer. BOB is learning, he'll still continue to learn. Frank Solich is one of the last coaches somebody should want to make their debut against. I'd think BOB will learn from his mistakes here.

5) Don't give up on the DL yet. Barnes, in limited time, looked good yesterday. Yes, we were getting pushed around by a MAC level team, specifically in the 2nd half, but it's what happens when Ohio runs 50-esq plays and has the ball for 18 minutes.

6) Remember the first half. I don't know why we seemed to stray away from the 1st half attack, but the offensive plan in the first half was kick ass. The one in the 2nd..... I don't know why we relied so heavily on WR screens When they'd angle a safety over to the side we'd screen it too. I'd imagine BOB will see that.

Point is, is that the team is really, really young, and a lot of our stars are young. We lost to the MAC's first BCS buster **, don't get bent out of shape over it. It's one game, there are 11 in the year. While losing to Ohio doesn't bode too well for the year, it's also not the end either. Lets see what we do vs UVA before we bail on the team. Remember, every great coach generally has one WTF loss anyways in his first year.

- Mucho Amor,


** (Look at Ohio's schedule, they should run it. If they do, they'll be in the BCS.)

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