1.(a) McGloin cannot throw the long ball;-player problem

1.(b) Our receivers cannot catch the long ball, and some of them can't catch any balls;-player problem

2. We did not run enough in the second half;-coaching problem

3. The Defensive line and linebackers applied no pressure.-not sure if this was player or coach, probably player

Besides the up for grabs tip the secondary did not have any extremely bad lapses. (Rule number 1 for a defensive back, never tip the ball up, always down) They were usually close in coverage and were probably instructed not to go for the pic. I am not defending them but they are too easy of a target and I don't buy that they lost the game.

Gerald Hodges should not return punts. That was a weird call, but still did not cost us the game, just 3 points. He also looked hurt, and I saw him come off the field a couple of times, despite the fact that I saw no report of it.

Here are the more detailed reasons:

1.(a) We all know McGloin does silly things sometimes and the game plan really kept his strengths out front. Quick hitters left and right, outs, the occasional drag pattern. He was not tempted to imitate Doug Flutie too often. Unfortunately, you need a guy with arm strength to occasionally threaten deep after a few first downs. He is not strong enough to do that. Long passes from him all look like hail marys, and every defense in the nation knows that. Single coverage is enough and they will give us short ones all day. Sound familiar? It should, it was Bradley's mantra his whole career. Bend but don't break. I am now the president of the Paul Jones, Shane McGregor and Steven Bench fan club.

1. (b) Allen Robinson is the only reason I didn't jump over the side of Beaver Stadium during the game. The rest of the receivers guys running routes apparently forgot that the ball does not actually tuck itself into your arm after it hits your hands. By the way, except for the long prayers from mcgloin, almost all of his passes were pretty much on target. No Bolden like nightmarish throws, or mcgloin brain farts.

2. Where was Curtis Dukes? He is still on the team right? What the hell happened there? Is this because of the visits to Syracuse? Derek Day gets hurt and Dukes does not go in? Are you f***ing kidding me? Bell Belton gets hurt and you still won't put Dukes in? Get over what ever it is and put Dukes in. P.S. we have a fullback. Pretty good one. Names Zordich. Ring a bell? How about Zwinak? Get on the ball coach, you screwed the pooch on that game plan in the second half. I am glad you stuck it out but do your job.

3. When Ohio is running dive plays and draws and getting yardage something is seriously wrong. Hodges looked hurt and I saw Carson go into the locker room during the game. Mauti seemed okay. When you run a blitz from the outside and leave a TE uncovered make sure you at least have a safety somewhere in the zip code. Maybe that was a blown coverage , I don't know, But I mostly saw no pressure or sacks.

Bottom line, when you are a major college and theoretically have a size and athleticism advantage over a mid-major, you ram the ball down their throat. You don't call Andy Reid spread plays all damn day.

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