"Snacks on Snacks": Love Me Tender(s)!!!


It all started in a local pub, while drinking a couple of beers, last Wednesday. Joe and I ordered a big basket of chicken tenders and French fries. Is there anyone who doesn't love real-deal chicken tenders? By the end of my second (or third) beer I had come up with the idea of sharing a few of my own chicken tender recipes (which are, if I may say so, semi-awesome) "you know where". More importantly, I had you beer-swilling BSD foodies in mind. By the end of my forth or fifth beer, I had three recipes figured out, as well as three accompanying sauce recipes... all scribbled down on one cocktail napkin!

Before you cook real-deal chicken tenders, you must come to the realization that chickens do not have fingers. They have a lot of parts, but none of them are fingers. A chicken finger loosely refers to the large flat part of a boneless chicken breast half that gets sliced into five, long, finger-looking thing-y, strips. Even the USDA can't define it. I am here to tell you, each chicken breast has but one real-deal tenderloin, and, like all breasts, make no mistake, beauty is in the eye of the tender beholder:


As it turned out, all of my tender recipes and the accompanying sauces ended-up being Asian-style. It was an easy decision. JFB requested (told) me to post these three because: they are his favorites!

Love Me Tender(s), Asian-Style, Recipe #1: Panko-Crusted Chicken Tenders w/Gingery-y 'Duck' Sauce:


Love Me Tender(s), Asian-Style, Recipe #2: Peanut-Crusted Chicken Tenders w/Coconut-Peanut Sauce:


Love Me Tender(s), Asian-Style, Recipe #3: Crunchy Coconut-Chicken Tenders w/ Sweet Red Chili Sauce:


One 6-pound package of chicken tenderloins (about $12.00) will be enough to make all three of these recipes. As for the sauces, each one can be made in about 5 minutes, and, none contain any out-of-the-ordinary ingredients. What does this mean for you? In about 1 1/2 hours, you can make all 3 kinds of Asian chicken tenders, along with 3 spicy sauces and throw yourself a SUPER party!

SWEET HEAT!!! What tender with what sauce will become your favorite?


Question: What is the best chicken tender you ever ate and where?

For these and all of my recipes, just go to: Jessedotsmom's Foodie Blog

For The Glory,

"ta ta",


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