Oversigning Uber Alles!

Once again, the SEC, in the form of the Crimson Tide, easily outplayed their non-SEC opponent, the Fighting Irish, in the BCS Championship Game. How can this keep happening, year after year, championship after championship, you ask?

The Pundits proclaim the SEC superiority is due to the populace caring more about football, spending more money on their programs, paying the coaches more, and other such reasons. I believe their superiority is due to one simple reason. Oversigning.

The maximum number of scholarship offers over a five-year period is equal to 110 if you follow the rules for 85 total max, and 25 yearly max. All schools should be somewhat less than this, because it requires graduating 25 to reach that number in year five, which cannot be done on a regular basis.

Bama signed 135 scholarships in the last five years, while Notre Dame, along with almost every other school in the country, was at 105. This is an incredible non-disputable competitive advantage. awarded the 2012 Oversigning Cup, which had been won by Bama five years in a row, to Ole Miss this year. The pathetic number used to win the cup is the number of scholarshipped-student-athletes that must be eliminated from the team between the February signing day, and the August start of Fall Camp.

Here are the top-six 2012 Oversigning Cup contenders.

#1 Ole Miss +12

#2 Bama +11

#3 LSU +10

#4 Arkansas +10

#5 Clemson +7

#6 S. Carolina +6

compared to Notre Dame, -2.

Every school in the country has an oversigning number of zero or less, with very few exceptions. These SEC renegades are annually rewarded for playing on a field that is, simply stated, unfair.

This system stinks. Last year 80 % of the bowl winners were predicted by simply comparing the number of scholarships. This is why PSU's penalties are going to be severe in the extreme. Meanwhile, the SEC stinks up the NCAA with it's behavior, and gives the number-one middle finger to the rest of the country.

For The Glory,

Joe from Boalsburg.

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