Don't it make my black shoes blue


After trying to rinse that sucky game out of my mouth with several dozen Guinness Draughts it became apparent to me that it would take a little more than that. It was as though I had taken the game in through my mouth and not my eyes and ears. The bad taste.

Walking down the streets of Sarasota as I sometimes do on Saturday evenings I was surprised to see that the birds were still chirping, trees still swaying, and that the ocean was still PSU blue. Most everybody besides me on the streets were going on with their lives as though something life-changing had not happened earlier in the day in Bloomington, Indiana. That's when I realized what was wrong with me, and where it was coming from.

I carefully removed my head from inside my ass and realized that the only thing wrong about what happened in Indiana was coming from inside my own body. Nothing of meaning in my life has been altered. A game was lost, that's all.

That's when the positive thoughts came back to me. Rinsing off the residual effects of having my head up my ass for a few hours in a public bathroom, I heard the street performers in full sound. They were playing Most People by Dawes, a nice song that reminds people to think about the good things in their world.

How can something so trivial as a win or loss effect how I approach my life or even the rest of this beautiful Saturday? I began to realize that I actually had enjoyed watching the game, even though the result was not what I had hoped. Is my love for PSU football contingent on them winning? Of course not. Are there still big games out there in the near future for this team...I count at least three more...four if you disapprove of Illinois as strongly as I do after their behavior two Augusts ago.

This team will play well moving forward. This team will bring entertainment and happiness to my living room for the next two months. It will hurt much worse when this season is over than it does after this tough loss. So I decided to enjoy the Journey, and after the street band stops playing 'Don't stop Believing', i'm going back into that bar to finish what I started.

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