Success With Hyperlinking Is Going Global With This Baby

With an all-Jamaican secondary, Penn State will never, ever, let another receiver blow by them ever again. - Cameron Spencer

A Samoan Line, Disciplined Germans, and Speedy Jamaicans? Make it happen, Bill O'Brien!

The Globalization of Penn State Football?

tweet sent out by Tim Owen at BWI brought up this gem of a letter addressed to Bill O'Brien (pictured below)


If you can't make out the handwriting, the author of the letter suggests that BOB recruit players from Samoa because 'Samoa grows big people,' Germany because Germans are very disciplined, and Jamaica because everyone in that country is a Usain Bolt-caliber speedster (eat your heart out, Florida). A brilliant idea indeed, Mr 'Diehard Fan' (who probably just posted his 50th #FiurButler comment on a message board), try moving the ball on a defense featuring a Samoan line, German linebackers, and a Jamaican secondary, Urban Meyer!

Further Proof That Most College Football Coaches Wipe Their Asses With Benjamins

USA Today released its college football coaches salary database yesterday. To nobody's surprise, Nick Saban was the top moneymaker at $5,545,852, followed closely behind by Mack Brown at $5,453,750, and Bret Bielema with $5,158,863 (#KARMA #LOLBERT). Urban Meyer (6th - $4.6 mil), Brady Hoke (8th - $4.1 mil), and Kirk Ferentz (9th - $3.98 mil) also crack the Top 10, with BOB being ranked 14th at $3.28 mil. Seriously though, when is Arkansas' athletic director going to be charged with defrauding the state for that ungodly amount of cash he pays for Bielema to go winless in the SEC?

It's All About 'The S'

Onward State took a look at the origins of that giant blue S you see in the student section right above the players' tunnel. Here's a brief excerpt from the article:

The S-Zone as we know it today has been facilitated by the Lion Ambassadors since 1998, though the section originated as students holding colored card-blocks to create the logo. According to Andrew Coleman, executive vice president of Lion Ambassadors, the earliest S-Zone shirts were pinnie-style tank tops that LAmbs would collect and recycle between games (after washing, of course).

In the 15 years since, the section has developed and flourished under the Lion Ambassadors’ and Alumni Association’s leadership. In 2004, a corporate sponsor was acquired that paved the way for the free shirts many hope to snag during each home game, though the shirts have been completely funded by the Alumni Association for the past two years.  2006 marked the first instance of a white “S” on a blue background, a change Coleman attributes to a white out.

Some Other Fun Nuggets:

  • Michael Che, an NYC comedian who grew up in the Lower East Side, takes a look at how gentrification has changed his neighborhood (PILATES, Y'ALL).
  • Tim Frazier, Ross Travis, and Donovon Jack visited a local State College middle school to help support anti-bullying initiatives (via @GoPSUAlissaC)
  • A Kentucky high school cross-country superstar refuses to participate in a regional championship meet because she's a devout Christian who was assigned bib number 666. (via CNN)
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