Southern Scuffle 2014 Pre-Seeds

Southern Scuffle 2014 Pre-Seeds.

Tomorrow morning, January 1st, while you're nursing a pounding headache, 300 wrestlers will be head snapping each other at the Southern Scuffle. We gave our (heavily biased) preview earlier. And now we get the pre-seeds (Intermat's national rank in parentheses, if applicable):

125 LBS
1. (#2) Nahshon Garrett (Cornell)
2. (#3) Nico Megaludis (Penn State)
3. (#6) Josh Martinez (Air Force)
4. (#9) Corey Keener (Central Michigan)
5. (#14) David Terao (American)
6. (#15) Anthony Zanetta (Pittsburgh)
7. (#11) Nathan Kraisser (North Carolina)
8. (#12) Evan Silver (Stanford)
9. (#19) Earl Hall (Iowa State)
10. (#17) Eddie Klimara (Oklahoma State)
11. Jerome Robinson (Old Dominion)
12. Paul Petrov (Bucknell)

Nico likely gets Nathan Kraisser in the quarterfinals, and Josh Martinez in the semi-finals.

133 LBS
1. (#3) Jon Morrison (Oklahoma State)
2. (#5) Ryan Mango (Stanford)
3. (#10) David Thorn (Minnesota)
4. (#11) Joe Roth (Central Michigan)
5. (#12) Shelton Mack (Pittsburgh)
6. (#15) Nick Soto (Chattanooga)
7. (#18) Jimmy Gulibon (Penn State)
8. (#20) Mack McGuire (Kent State)
9. Colton Rasche (Navy)
10. Jamel Hudson (Hofstra)
11. Joe Martinez (Virginia)
12. Jordan Conaway (Penn State)

Jimmy would get Hudson (Hofstra) in the second round, and 2-seed Mango in the quarters. Jordan would get a rematch with Shelton Mack in the second round, and 4-seed Joe Roth in the quarters.

141 LBS
1. (#4) Chris Dardanes (Minnesota)
2. (#2) Zain Retherford (Penn State)
3. (#7) Evan Henderson (North Carolina)
4. (#6) Mike Nevinger (Cornell)
5. K. Undrakhbayar (Citadel)
6. (#8) Chris Mecate (Old Dominion)
7. (#10) Zach Horan (Central Michigan)
8. (#13) Luke Vaith (Hofstra)
9. (#11) Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State)
10. (#19) Edgar Bright (Pittsburgh)
11. Lavion Mayes (Missouri)
12. Joe Spisak (Virginia)

Zain gets a tough one, Zach Horan, in the quarters, and another PA prep, Evan Henderson, in the semis.  5-seed Ugi is currently unranked due to some NCAA eligibility bullcrap, but he finished top-5 at NCAAs last year, and its awesome to see his name in the field.

149 LBS
1. (#1) Nick Dardanes (Minnesota)
2. (#3) Drake Houdashelt (Missouri)
3. (#4) Josh Kindig (Oklahoma State)
4. (#9) Chris Villalonga (Cornell)
5. (#10) Scott Sakaguchi (Oregon State)
6. (#11) Gus Sako (Virginia)
7. (#16) Dyllan Cottrell (Appalachian State)
8. Ray Borja (Navy)
9. Matthew Frisch (Citadel)
10. Luke Frey (Penn State)
11. Alex Johnson (Navy)
12. Cody Ruggierello (Hofstra)

No Andrew Alton, as expected. But curiously, neither Jim English nor Zach Beitz gets a pre-seed here. Instead, Luke Frey, who made the Scuffle quarterfinals last year but has been injured this season, gets the 10-seed. Luke would face Cottrell in the 2nd round, and Houdashelt in the quarterfinals.

157 LBS
1. (#2) Alex Dieringer (Oklahoma State)
2. (#3) Dylan Ness (Minnesota)
3. (#6) Kyle Bradley (Missouri)
4. (#11) Brian Realbuto (Cornell)
5. (#13) R.J. Pena (Oregon State)
6. (#8) Ian Miller (Kent State)
7. (#14) Nestor Taffur (Boston)
8. (#18) Tristan Warner (Old Dominion)
9. James Vollrath (Penn State)
10. Thomas Gantt (North Carolina State)
11. Raamiah Bathea (Penn)
12. Alex Hudson (Chattanooga)

No Dylan Alton either. But underappreciated Jim Vollrath nabs the 9-seed. Vollrath placed 3rd at the Scuffle two years ago, and 2nd last year. He'd face Warner in the 2nd round, and 1-seed Dieringer (whom he beat last year) in the quarterfinals.

165 LBS
1. (#1) David Taylor (Penn State)
2. (#2) Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma State)
3. (#3) Nick Sulzer (Virginia)
4. (#6) Michael Moreno (Iowa State)
5. (#7) Corey Mock (Chattanooga)
6. (#9) Zach Toal (Missouri)
7. (#13 at 174) Turtogtokh Luvsandorj (Citadel)
8. (#18) Danny Zilverberg (Minnesota)
9. (#20) Casey Kent (Penn)
10. (#16) Dylan Palacio (Cornell)
11. (#17) Joe Booth (Hofstra)
12. (#19) Jim Wilson (Stanford)

David Taylor, everyone.

174 LBS
1. (#2) Chris Perry (Oklahoma State)
2. (#3) Matt Brown (Penn State)
3. (#4) Logan Storley (Minnesota)
4. (#8) Tyler Wilps (Pittsburgh)
5. (#10) Stephen Doty (Virginia)
6. (#11) Mike Ottinger (Central Michigan)
7. (#12) Mathew Miller (Navy)
8. (#14) Tanner Weatherman (Iowa State)
9. Kevin Radford (Arizona State)
10. Lelund Weatherspoon (Iowa State)
11. Mike England (Missouri)
12. Joe Latham (Oregon State)

As expected, Brown takes the 2-seed, and Storley takes the 3-seed. Brown would get Miller in the quarters, while Storley would get Ottinger. Then they'd have a Scuffle rematch.

184 LBS
1. (#1) Ed Ruth (Penn State)
2. (#4) Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota)
3. (#7) Gabe Dean (Cornell)
4. (#6) Max Thomusseit (Pittsburgh)
5. (#12) John Eblen (Missouri)
6. (#13) Lorenzo Thomas (Penn)
7. (#9) Boaz Beard (Iowa State)
8. (#19) Jon Fausey (Virginia)
9. (#16) Sam Wheeler (Kent State)
10. Blake Stauffer (Arizona State)
11. Nolan Boyd (Oklahoma State)
12. Brett Pfarr (Minnesota)

Ed Ruth, everyone.

197 LBS
1. (#1) Scott Schiller (Minnesota)
2. (#2) Kyven Gadson (Iowa State)
3. (#3) Morgan McIntosh (Penn State)
4. (#9) Daniel Mitchell (American)
5. (#6) Taylor Meeks (Oregon State)
6. (#13) Phillip Wellington (Ohio)
7. (#14) J'den Cox (Missouri)
8. (#12) Brandon Palik (Drexel)
9. (#15) Blake Rosholt (Oklahoma State)
10. Francis Mattiace (Penn)
11. (#20) Conner Hartmann (Duke)
12. Zach Nye (Virginia)

Morg would face Wellington (who placed 4th last year) in the quarters, and Gadson (who placed 4th at NCAAs) in the semi-finals.

285 LBS
1. (#1) Tony Nelson (Minnesota)
2. (#5) Nick Gwiazdowski (North Carolina State)
3. (#11) Jeremy Johnson (Ohio)
4. (#12) Jimmy Lawson (Penn State)
5. (#15) Austin Marsden (Oklahoma State)
6. (#18) Joe Stolfi (Bucknell)
7. (#17) Amar Dhesi (Oregon State)
8. Blake Herrin (American)
9. Josh Marchok (Stanford)
10. Jonathan Gingrich (Penn State)
11. Devon Mellon (Missouri)
12. P.J. Tasser (Pittsburgh)

Jimmy gets Austin Marsden in the quarterfinals, and reigning 2x Champ Nelson in the semi-finals, whom he has yet to face. Gingrich gets a 2nd round match with Dhesi, and a quarterfinal with Gwiazdowski.

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