Cliff Keen Las Vegas Wrestling Tournament, Results vis a vis Penn State

Here are some Nittany Lion Contexts from results of the Cliff Keen Las Vegas tourney that ended last night. Plenty of both chalk & upsets. Check out Flo's final brackets here. For live-scoring a tourney, this format is a very, very nice new feature I hope and would guess will be run again during the Southern Scuffle. Referenced rankings are Intermat's.


Cornell's #2 Nahshon won convincingly with a 6-2 decision over OU's #5 Patterson. Watching the two of them at the Allstar, I guessed that Nico wouldn't have a problem with Patterson, but that he'll likely have to go through Nahshon at some point to earn his first title. This sentiment hasn't changed. Nahshon lost 6-2 to Delgado last week and is the clear #2. As we knew, Nico's got major work cut out for him to best both of these guys, but we remain in very good hands here.


Ohio State's #16 Johnni DiJulius flipped this weight class upside down by decking OU's #6 Cody Brewer in the final. And he beat Northern Iowa's #4 Joe Colon in the semis to get there! Given that effort and Gulibon's manhandling by the BU kid he mauled a month ago, expect to see brutus bypass our guy in the rankings here. It should be interesting to see who Sanderson sends out against DiJulius in the brutus dual next Sunday. Couple those results with A.J. Schopp's big win over Tony Ramos and Tyler Graff's 0-6 loss to Colon last week, and this weight might not be as settled at the top as we thought it was. It remains clear, though, that the class remains the brutal meat grinder we thought it was.


This is still Logan Stieber's world and the rest are just living in it. He went Major, Fall, Fall, Fall, Tech for the title and the tournament Outstanding Wrestler award. His only *serious* competitor, Va Tech's #3 Devin Carter, medical defaulted in the semis and didn't finish the tournament. We'll see soon enough where our young stud ZPain stacks up against Stieber in next Sunday's dual.


This weight seems to be pretty wide open, although 3-loss #5 Kendric Maple returned to form to win the title. Nebraska's #6 Jake Sueflohn took second, but Michigan's chronic underachiever #7 Eric Grajales finished 8th and #8 Scott Sakaguchi lost 4-1 to #13 Chris Villalonga of Cornell. And Mizzou's #1 Drake Houdashelt lost last week to unranked Tywan Claxton of Ohio. Since we have no idea yet what we'll be getting when Andrew Alton finally returns to the mat, we can't even guess where PSU will end up in this crazy weight. But I gotta say I like the turmoil here in advance of that return.


Nebraska's #4 James Green took home the title from his one-seed. Other than that, this field wasn't very strong. Cornell's FR #12 Brian Realbuto had a nice tourney finishing second to Green, in a tight 6-5 final, and ahead of Oregon State's #6 RJ Pena. We know Dylan can hang with any of the top 5 when healthy, so we'll just have to wait to see what he's like when he comes back. Hopefully against DSJ in CHA on 12/21?


No Taylor or Caldwell at this tourney, but UVA's #3 Nick Sulzer did a nice job making his claim to best of Tier 2, beating #8 Dan Yates of Michigan in the semis and Iowa State's #5 Michael Moreno in the finals. With Iowa's Nick Moore climbing to #4, Penn Staters should be fine being UVA fans at this weight.


OU's #1 Andrew Howe continues to assert that he's the man to beat in this weight's talented Tier 1, as he squeaked out a win over Nebraska's #4 Robert Kokesh 3-2 in the finals. But that's about all we'll get to see of Howe, aside for another yawner in Bedlam II in Feb, as OU & Howe aren't scheduled to be at any more tournaments and won't face Penn State/Brown, Minnesota/Storley and Iowa/Evans.


This weight is pretty even in Tier 2 behind Ruth, this field wasn't particularly strong, but there were a few upsets. Ohio State's #9 Kenny Courts lost in the quarterfinals from his 2 seed (but battled back for 3rd) and Boise's #5 Jacob Swartz lost in the semis (and medical defaulted the rest of the tourney) to Cornell's #12 Gabe Dean, who went on to win the title. Some Penn Staters who attended the Binghamton Open raved about what they saw from this young hammer, and the results are starting to show it. For my part I hope he makes a run, as it'll be a joy to watch Ed dismantle another one of Rob Koll's guys.


With three of the Top 6 registered here, I was hoping to learn more. Oregon State's #2 Taylor Meeks continued to support my assertion he was overrated to start the season. He lost to American's #12 Dan Mitchell in the semis. He won in the consi semis, but medically defaulted in the 3rd place match, both to unranked guys. OU's #5 Travis Rutt won the title, but in the semifinals against Ohio State's #6 Nick Heflin, he advanced by medical default and Heflin didn't wrestle again in the tournament. So, conclusion goes something like 'Rutt good, but not sure how good.' And with OU's schedule, that's about the last we will know of him until Nationals. Morgan will get tested by about everybody else but him until then too.


Michigan's young stud freshman, #19 Adam Coon had a heck of a tournament, besting NC State's #3 Nick Gwiazdowski in the quarterfinals and Boise State's #5 JT Felix in the finals to win the title. Lawson won't see him until our dual in February, a week before he'll face Minnesota's #1 Tony Nelson. And before that Lawson is scheduled to meet Northwestern's #2 Mike McMullan, Iowa's #4 Bobby Telford, Indiana's #8 Adam Chalfant and Michigan State's #11 Mike McClure. Suffice it to say, we'll know what we've got in Jimmy this season by the time B1Gs roll around.

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