House of Hate II: The Coaches Edition

Since House of Hate was so much fun I have decided to pen a sequel. Here goes.

Which current or former NCAA coach is most hated by Penn State fans? Read, vote, and comment if you wish.

Current B1G Coaches

I am going to bet that Urban Meyer of Ohio State is going to be the frontrunner here in this category. Remember back when he was rumored to be coming to Penn State before the shit hit the fan? That memory causes me to wonder how we'd feel if he had come to Penn State.

We know what Tood Beckman of Illinois did to earn our scorn and the wrath of Michael Mauti. The would be poacher only came away with a back up tackle who quickly fled for Northern Arizona. Do we hate Beckman more than Meyer?

Brady Hoke doesn't seem to be too bad to me, but he does coach at Michigan and got Wangler to flip. Where does Hoke rank? I would guess that he's below Meyer and Beckman, but more hated than the next BIG coaches on the list.

Bo Pelini looks like a rabid weasel and it seems like he cannot lose to Penn State. Also he generally comes off as a tool.

Mark Dantonio is successful at MSU and beat OSU on Saturday. I am not sure where he ranks either.

Did I miss a hated B1G coach?

Former B1G Coaches

John Cooper and Jim Tressel both formerly of Ohio State have been mentioned as hated coaches. Cooper is pretty much universally disdained even among Buckeye fans. Did he ever beat Michigan? He ran up the score on Joe after Taliaferro nearly died. Jim Tressel of sweater vest fame is beloved by the Buckeye fans, but pretty much hated by fans of any other B1G team.

Michigan gave us Lloyd Carr and Rich Rodriguez. Carr was as cuddly as a cactus and Joe could never beat him. Much hate for Carr I am sure. Rich Rod nearly destroyed Michigan's program in a few years. For that I love him. He got some recruit to flip on signing day. Who was that guy?

Did I miss any former B1G coaches worth hating? Not to worry, I haven't forgotten Nick Saban. He'll be mentioned further down the list.

Current NCAA Coaches

I am going to limit this to coaches who have coached against Penn State.

I was raised to not like Steve Spurrier and I really didn't like him when he was at Florida. Now I like him and get a kick out of how he tweaks the media and I am amused that he cannot quite get over the hump at South Carolina. Nick Saban is wildly successful and is pretty much hated by anybody who doesn't pull for the Tide. I don't really care one way or the other about him. Bret Bielema is another idiot.

Did I miss somebody?

Former NCAA Coaches

My most hated coach is on this list. He is Barry Switzer. Barry was a cheater at Oklahoma and was proud of it. Also he coached the Cowboys. Barry lost the respect of Joe Paterno at some point and then he popped off about how Joe was sure to know about Sandusky, etc. Barry Switzer is a symbol of everything that is and was wrong with college football.

Jimmy Johnson is another cheater. I am still thrilled that Joe and the Nittany Lions beat him in the Fiesta Bowl. Also he coached the Cowboys.

Jackie Sherrill ran crooked programs at Pitt, Texas A&M, and Mississippi State. He wasn't respected by Joe Paterno.

Bobby Bowden was Joe's rival for all time wins. He ran his mouth too much during it. Joe seemed to respect him at least on the surface.

Did I miss somebody? Does anybody hate Lou Holtz? Dick MacPherson at Syracuse? I missed Pete Carroll. He cheated at USC and ran off for the NFL.

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