If the Media Would Wake Up They Can Save 1,000's of Kids From the Jerry Sandusky's in this world.

While the media continues to try and say the Paterno review of the Freeh report is nothing more than a PR campaign and nothing new they are missing the BIG PICTURE that is in the report. This report was done for 2 reasons:

1. To show Freeh's report is what it is. A concocted fantasy in Freeh's mind. How this report done by professionals having impeccable credentials and national reputations could be dismissed as showing nothing new is beyond me. Never mind these professionals dismantle every accusation made since day one in this. That isn't new?

2. To educate the public through Mr. Clemente's report on how to stop another Jerry Sandusky going undetected for so long and as a tool for parents to inform themselves on how to spot the "Red Flags" and protect their own children but countless other children from this horrible experience. This was the paramount reason for the report and shows the compassion the Paterno family has for the victims in this and the children who may suffering right now. This is the BIG PICTURE they are missing.

But no, the media in their zeal to continue the false narrative to protect their own lies and negative narrative that has been shown to be 100% inaccurate dismiss this report. By not accepting the report done by Mr. Clemente and disseminating that information to the public they are in my view perpetuating the crimes of Jerry Sandusky and are ENABLING more pedophiles to victimize children. In my view they are guilty of the very thing they have accused Joe and everyone else of. There is no other way to look at it.

They are supporting a report they know is bogus to protect their own self interest instead of supporting Mr. Clemente's report as a teaching tool. They the media have the means to do something really good for the mistreated children in this country but refuse because they want to perpetuate their original false take on this.

This is truly disgusting. I personally think every youth organization in this country should get a copy of Mr. Clemente's report and watch the video at the link below. Yes it does show how Joe didn't know but also explains why so many other people didn't know. It is my hope you will forward this video to anyone who has young children and any youth organizations you work with. Because as Mr. Clements says in the video its happening every day in 1,000's of towns and cities right now.

This Fan Shot is for the kids. Not to absolve Joe. I just wish the media would realize what they have the power to do and would do the Right Thing.

A Molester In plain Site

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