The Clemente Report, The "Coverup", and Joe's "Silence"

Dave Jones, after reading the Paterno Report, still had a problem. He decried Joe's Silence about the 2001 incident, in a Recent Post on Pennlivedotcom and stated that the report did not explain it. I believe that it explained a lot, and here's my response to him......

After reading the Paterno Report, I would like to put forth a view of the McQueary incident that you may not have considered, largely based upon the opinions of Dr. Clemente.

Start with Dr. Clemente identifying Sandusky as being a textbook child sex offender being in the top 1% of effective groomers that he ever encountered. We now know he fooled everybody, including experts who should know better.

One very important part of Dr. Clemente's report stated that the 1998 incident would have the effect of BOLSTERING SANDUSKY's REPUTATION among PSU administrators familiar with the event. Not sending up Red Flags! In their minds, Sandusky was a goofy, touch-feely local hero who was a god-send to young boys, and the 1998 incident was a 'Crazy Lady Overreacting to her kid coming home with wet hair!' Nothing to worry about! No big deal. Thank God none of this went public and hurt Sandusky's reputation, etc. etc. You see where this line of thought could go. According to this top expert, this is the most likely result of this scenario. No Red Flags At All! GJerry is a great, great guy with an eccentric behavior problem!

Three years later, Mike McQueary comes along and reports to Joe that he BELIEVES he saw something that really bothered him, stating that he BELIEVES that Sandusky was fondling or doing something 'sexual' in nature with a child in the shower. (Note, Mike has subsequently stated that he could not swear, 100%, that this was actually what was happening, and also stated that he has never used the words, rape, anal, or sodomy to describe the incident.) So Joe tells him he did the right thing, and Joe does exactly what he needed to do AT THAT TIME, passing it on up to Curley/Schultz, who he assumes will do a good job following this up.

Mike then meets with Curley/Shultz, who are predisposed by the 1998 incident to Sandusky accusations being false, and listen to Mike's story, whatever that was. They were, at first, not really overly-alarmed by Mike's pronouncements (which, by the way, after cross examinations by Drs. Dranov and McQueary, resulted in their advice that specifically included "you do not need to go to the police!"). Nonetheless, the PSU administrator's first, knee-jerk reaction was to report this to Child Welfare people. Then, after taking the time to consider the evidence at hand, and the consequences, including the knowledge of the 1998 events, which support Sandusky 'horsing around' as a quite-possible if not most-likely scenario, they decide to talk to Gerry, just in case, to judge his reaction and get his side of the story. Remember, they are still talking about one of the most-respected men in the state at this time, not a suspected pervert.

So, now, Sandusky, the master manipulator, convinces Tim that this was another 'horsing around' incident, and that Mike saw nothing because nothing happened, and Mike's "belief" of wrongdoing is not the truth.

Tim listens to GJerry, and then discusses the issue with Shultz. Not wanting to even come close to another 'horsing around incident' and how it can be misconstrued, they decide to put the hammer down by telling Sandusky he must no longer bring children onto campus, AND THEY INFORM THE SECOND MILE OF THE INCIDENT.

The Second Mile, after all, are the ones who give Sandusky kids, and, as we now know with 20-20 hindsight, had the legal responsibility to report the incident! This action alone exonerates PSU of an intent to cover up anything. Case closed on that account, but what about Joe's silence on the matter?

So how does this affect Joe? I suggest that the most probable result was that somehow, the course of these "non-events" got back to him through the grapevine, whether directly, or indirectly, from Tim Curley, with no sense of urgency applied to them, as it was characterized as being no big deal, and he figured these folks did the right thing.

To me, knowing the character and reputation of both Joe and Tim, and recognizing the perversely-persuasive powers of GJerry Sandusky, this is a much more plausible course of events that what is in the Freeh Report, and it also provides a logical rationale for Joe's Silence following the 2001 event. There was nothing to follow up on.

I look forward to the upcoming trials, and facts being adjudicated by a real jury, not public opinion, so we all can learn more about the truth of this matter. I am sure that Mike McQueary will be adequately cross-examined, for the first time, on the nature and content of these conversations.

Time will Tell. Hope This Helps.

For The Glory

Joe from Boalsburg

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