2013 Spring MegaRoster & Depth Chart

This version of our chart has been updated to reflect positional changes and additional players (run-ons) indicated by the Official Spring Roster. However, it also includes scholarship players and run-ons who will not arrive on campus until summer semester. In addition, it displays 2014 commits and prospects. There is no change in the number of scholarship players.

Off Senior Junior Soph Frosh 2014 Offers
WR Felder Kenney Zanatello Anderson Godwin
A-Rob T Williams Hamilton Snodgrass
Baker T Lucas E Lewis Troy Apke
Lerner Fagnano Warner
Seibolt Garrity
TE-Y James Breneman
TE-F Lehman Carter Wilkerson
OT Gress Gilliam Alosi Nelson A Bars
D Smith Fiedler Noah Beh
Blanchard Terlingo Eluemunor
A Mike
S Moss
Q Nelson
OG Shrive Davie Mangiro Hartman Mustipher
Urschel Mahon
C Howle Diefenbach Laurent
QB Bench Hack Kizer
Ferguson Crook Thorson
TB Belton Mark Allen
Nick Scott
FB Zerbe Haffner
RB Zwinak Thompson Lynch Autry
Bryan N Chubb
Baranoski Henry
Chiappialli Hilliman
Geiger McCaffrey
Tomasetti McKenzie
SB Walker
Def Senior Junior Soph Frosh 2014 Offers
DE Bars Barnes C Cothran Al-Williams
Olaniyan Zettel Schwan Carter
Nasib Sickels Hand
Hall Holmes
B Smith McDowell
DT Cadogan Baublitz P Cothren Brown
D Jones T Smith Dowrey T Holley
A Johnson
OLB Hull Kline Issah Berger
Baney Wartman Booker
Morris Wooten Keihn
Rhattigan Hendrson Mouhon
Zuk Wiand Rogers
ILB Carson Boyce Bell Reeder
B Smith
CB Amos D Davis Kiley A Davis
DelaVale Pryor N-Rob Green
Poquie Payne
D Scott
DB McNeil Merise Golden
A Smith
J Smith
S Obeng Keiser J Lucas Gaines Marc Allen
Willis Harper Nicholson
Pancoast Eric Smith
ATH Geiss Lattimore
Spec Senior Junior Soph Frosh 2014 Offers
K Ficken Gulla
P Bttrwrth Parthmore
LS Marvin
KS Yazujian
Senior Junior Soph Frosh 2014 Total
Total 13 14 14 30 3 74
Scholarship Players
Previous Run-ons
2013 Run-ons

A quick summary of some of the changes made:

Malik Golden from WR to DB
Nate Cadogan from OT to DT
Colin Harrop PSU sophomore run-on DB in January
Senior Kyle McNeil DB assumed run-on/transfer from Robert Morris
RS/Soph DB Jesse Merise assumed run-on from previous year
RS/FR KS Tyler Yazujian assumed previous run-on, former TE Royerstown, Pa./Spring-Ford
True So LB Matt Baney assumed previous Little Lion run-on, State College native
RS So LB Titus Morris assumed previous run-on from Pittsburgh
RS So LB Jonathan Zuk assumed previous run-on
Senior Punter Eli Skinner assumed previous run-on from Jersey Shore PA
RS So WR Jared Fagnano previous run-on/transfer from last year
RS Jr WR Garret Lerner assumed run-on/transfer from W Lehigh & Widener University

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