Will PSU wrestlers four-peat in 2014?

I wanted to share a comparison I made of team rosters which identifies wrestlers ranked by Intermat (pre-tournament) that have used up their eligibility and ranked verbals that will be joining selected top tier squads next season (the verbals' rankings are Intermat's overall high school senior ratings rather than by projected weight class.) My focus here is on roster changes relating to ranked wrestlers rather than all grapplers, because (1) individual starters won't be known for certain (e.g., red shirts, weight class changes, injuries) until after wrestle-offs next season and in some cases until mid-season, (2) my focus is on known roster changes that will affect point scoring at the National Tournament in Oklahoma next March, and (3) unranked wrestlers tend to produce little or no team points at Nationals. All information here is taken from free content on either the PSWC site or from the Intermat site.

(1) PSU (2013: 123.5 pts., 5 AAs (All Americans), 2 firsts, 3 seconds)

1 (ranked) Loss: #1 Wright (197 lbs.) (Note: Pearsall not listed because he was not ranked by Intermat)

3 (ranked) Commits: #3 Retherford (141 lbs.), #23 McCutcheon (184), #79 Hammond (157/165)

(2) Oklahoma State (119.5 pts., 7 AAs, 2 firsts, 3 thirds, 1 fifth, 1 eighth)

3 Losses : #1 Oliver (149), Chionuma (184), #3 Gelogaev (Hwt)

3 Commits: #14 Heil (141), #24 Collica (149), #49 Torres (157)

(3) Minnesota (103 pts., 8AAs,1 first, 2 fourths, 1 fifth, 1 sixth, 3 sevenths)

1 Loss: #7 Yohn (165)

2 Commits: #8 Short (149), #27 Wanzek (165/174)

(4) Iowa (73 pts. 4 AAs, 1 first, 1 second, 1 fifth, 1 sixth)

2 Losses: McDonough (125), Ballweg (141)

3 Commits: #35 Sorensen (149), #41 Berge (197), #67 Marlin (149)

(5) Cornell (65 pts., 4 AAs, 1 first, 2 thirds, 1 fifth)

2 Losses: #1 Dake (165), #3 Bosak (184)

1 Commit: #50 Taylor (174/184)

(6) Ohio $tate (58.5 pts., 3 AAs, 1 first, 1 third, 1 fifth)

2 Losses: Triggas (125), Magrum (184)

2 Commits: #1 Jordan (157/165), #21 Tomasello (125)

(9) Illinois (45.5 pts., 3 AAs, 1 first, 1 fifth, 1 seventh) (Note: PSU finished ninth in 2010!)

3 Losses: Thomas (133), #5 Polz (165), #7 Blanton (174)

3 Commits: #4 Martinez (157), #6 Black (Hwt), #69 Langendorfer (149/157)

(13) Nebraska (38 pts., 2 AAs, 1 third, 1 seventh)

1 Loss: Ihnen (184)

0 (ranked) Commits (currently)

The rankings shown for wrestlers without eligibility for 2014 are their finish at Nationals, not their pre-tournament Intermat rankings, to help gauge their tournament point losses.

Complete top twenty rankings for each weight class are available on Intermat by clicking on "Rankings" and selecting "College".

All known High School Senior verbals (ranked and unranked) are also found on this site by clicking on "Commits" but be sure to click on the "College" column header to sort data by college.

Individual High School rankings by weight class can be viewed by selecting "High School" after clicking on "Rankings". The 160 lb. High School Intermat Rankings show a junior that is actually ranked higher than O$U's and Illinois' top recruits - his name will be recognized by most wrestling fans (fingers crossed).

So, will PSU wrestlers four-peat in 2014? That will be determined on the mats at next year's tournament and in the practice rooms and duals next season. There are too many variables to predict next year's outcome but based solely on roster changes PSU has as good a chance as anyone else; it won't be easy.

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