Open Letter to Piers Morgan

On Monday night, Piers did a hatchet job on a guy named Zeigler, who is doing a documentary about Joe Paterno, and interviewed Sandusky in jail. Here's my response, emailed to CNN.

"Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on tonight's episode.

I respect Piers Morgan, but tonight's Paterno episode was disturbingly disappointing. It seems that Piers and his staff, having only a superficial understanding of the details of this tragedy, reverted to bullying as a substitute for honest journalism.

Eschewing intelligent discourse, Piers' chose instead to attack his guest, wrongfully accused him of defending Sandusky, inferring without any basis of fact, that the guy was an opportunist who is 'in it for the money', accusing him of hurting the victims, and being generally hostile to everything that the man had to say.


I strongly advise that your people critically review the Freeh Report, to understand that it is an indictment that jumps to conclusions about Joe Paterno without having factual evidence that can stand up to simple scrutiny by an informed cross-examination.

Additionally, reading the Clemente Report, funded by the Paterno Family, and written by one of the country's top experts on child molestation, might allow your staff to understand how remarkably effective Sandusky was as a predator, and that someone on your staff may be a child predator, and you would not know it.

At this time, judging Joe Paterno before PSU administrators have their day in court is, at best, premature. The upcoming trials will be the first time any Penn State officials will have at answering the charges that they are faced with. Thankfully, we have courts of law to lead us to the truth.

It pains me to see these types of "Jerry Springer" moments substituting for journalism on CNN. Come on Piers, you can do better! Put your staff to work on getting the real story, which is clearly not as simple and as clear cut as you are now led to believe.

I would be happy to help point them in the right direction. Give me a call."

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