Another "Deeply Flawed" Freeh Report!

The Wall Street Journal reported today, April 22, 2013 headlines "

Independent Review Finds the Freeh Report on Allegations against Kazuo Okada "Deeply Flawed"

The full article can be found at .....even though it is related to a new report that Louis did last year;

Numerous faults bear repeating, and sound sickeningly familiar.

Michael Chertoff, Former Homeland Security Secretary, Says Louis Freeh Report's Legal Analysis is "Superficial and Inflammatory" and its Conclusions "Not Credible"

According to Judge Chertoff, the Freeh report was "structurally deficient, one-sided, and seemingly advocacy-driven." Moreover, its conclusions, "simply are not credible." Instead, Judge Chertoff found Freeh's report to be "deeply flawed" and "lack[ing] basic indicia of a credible investigation."

The Freeh report's "factual findings and inferences lack objectivity and lack factual support," Judge Chertoff explained. Freeh's law firm "viewed itself as an advocate first and an impartial investigator second" in preparing the Freeh report. Freeh and his colleagues "cherry-picked evidence and stretched to reach conclusions that would be helpful to the Wynn Resorts Board."

"[T]he end result is a lopsided report that lacks even the appearance of objectivity," according to Judge Chertoff.

In a summary of the analysis released today, Judge Chertoff and his team explained that the Freeh report failed to adequately support its conclusions and did not meet the basic requirements of a thorough, objective and credible investigation. Specifically, Judge Chertoff and his colleagues found:

-- The Freeh report was tainted by the timing and circumstances of its
creation because the Wynn Board moved within days to act on its content
and redeem Aruze USA's 20 percent stake in the company without providing
him the opportunity to respond to its allegations;

-- The Freeh report's factual findings and inferences lacked objectivity and
factual support;

-- The Freeh report was "based on unreliable accounts of interested
witnesses and implausible inferences";

-- The Freeh report's legal analysis was superficial and inflammatory; and

-- Freeh's investigative process was insufficiently documented and revealed
a number of gaps.

So Let It Be Written! Fomented up from a Fanshot, read by no-one,

From the Boalsburg Alluvial Plain

Joe from Boalsburg

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