Bourbon. Refined manliness in liquid form.

Here's a major rule of life. If you can picture a girl from a bachelorette party wearing a penis headdress and shouting to the bartender for another whatever the hell it is you're drinking, then you shouldn't be drinking it if you're a man. If you ever utter the words, "Bartender! Give me another (Cosmo, Daiquiri, Fuzzy Navel, whatever)!" then turn in your man card. When you order a bourbon...a good bourbon...other men around the bar immediately realize they are in the presence of manliness incarnate. Men who drink bourbon can win an argument with a simple lift of an eyebrow. They can build a house and create a gourmet dinner with equal ease. They make women swoon and evil flee. Presidents and kings call them for advice.

Plus, there's a reason you never hear of "bourbon d**k", but everyone's heard of "whiskey d**k".

For too many people, Maker's Mark is their whole experience with bourbon. While Maker's Mark is good, a bourbon drinker knows that variety in life is important. If you're a bourbon drinker, here are a few to try if you haven't already...but of course if you're a bourbon drinker then you are a bold individual who has probably already experienced a wide variety of your favorite drink as you contemplated your next great conquest or project or your discovery of uncharted continents. Please post anything else you think is worth a try.

Maker's Mark 46. Yeah, I know it's Maker's Mark, but it's different and very good. After 50 years of only making one type of bourbon, Maker's Mark added a second batch and this is it. It has more flavor and more alcohol than regular Maker's Mark. Definitely worth a try.

Jefferson's Reserve. This is one of my personal favorites. The alcohol never overpowers the flavors and it's filled with woody, cinnamon, dry woody notes. Really good.

Evan Williams Single Barrel. They release a new single barrel batch each year so each year the taste is a little different but always good.

Knob Creek. It's heavier than a lot of bourbons, packed with flavor. A lot of brown sugar, maple, and caramel.

Pappy Van Winkle's Reserve 15 year. They only release it in the fall (with the occasional spring release). People line up for this. It's a wheat as opposed to the more typical rye recipe. Aged for 15 years it is a 107 proof bourbon that doesn't taste like it has that much alcohol, It's liquid gold

Woodford Reserve. It's young as a distillery but they make a damn fine product. The Master's Collection is especially good.

These are the bottles I'm working on this spring. My wife says the collection grows and grows like my rifle and shotgun collection, but such is life.

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