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If you have the chance to go the caravan, I highly recommend it.

CBS's Dennis Dodd has a long interview with JayPa, most of which will be up later today. Part of the preview as of the writing of this post:

"Here's a guy who lived his life -- no DUIs, didn't cheat on his wife, no crime. He had a certain moral code about him. If he made mistakes in his life, he made mistakes because his intent was in the right place …

"This was not a guy who cared about himself over anybody else. To think he, in this one instance, would [ignore these crimes] … They were saying, ‘Joe Paterno was showing callous disregard for the welfare of children.' You guys don't know him. He would not do that. That's just not the guy he was.

"I know people say, ‘Joe had to know about Jerry.' I know people say he was all powerful, most powerful man in the state. Power is relative. Football coaches don't have [unlimited] power. They don't have a police force. They can't investigate things.

People may call the interview treacly. I don't care; while I may not have been a fan of his coaching, as a man, I have nothing but respect for the former PSU assistant...

Coach O'Brien indicated at the caravan last week that there's plenty of time for incoming QB Christian Hackenberg to make an impact this year:

It’s not like the Hackenberg has to know the entire playbook as constructed by O’Brien, the high priest of the Nittany Lions’ offense, the first day of camp. It’s unlikely Hackenberg will be hit with both testaments right out of the gate. The young quarterback will need to know the core elements of the offense – and with an abbreviated playbook already in hand, Hackenberg will. As O’Brien likes to call it, Penn State’s attack is a "game plan offense." That is, it varies from week to week, based on the defense, with just select plays pulled and practiced for a particular game.

So, what’s the rush?

"We’re not going to rush. We got a lot of time," O’Brien said. "We can get a lot accomplished in a two-hour meeting once training camp starts. You’d be amazed how fast these guys learn. We’re looking forward to that when we get started at the end of July sometime."

...jury's out whether that's an indictment of Ferguson and the rest of the current crop of QBs or praise of Hack (my money's firmly on the later, fwiw)...

Wrestling coach Cael Sanderson confirms that there's been talk of staging a meet in the BJC. Why?

"One thing that we’ve always kind of thought about as a staff is we’d like to break the attendance record," Sanderson said.

If the plans coalesce, it would be the first dual in the Bryce Jordan Center since 2005 and the sixth overall...

Our friends over at VBR, always on top of the latest Nittany Lion recruiting news, pose a new question: what's up with quarterbacks?...

Wait...Joe Schad actually has breaking news? Per the much maligned tWWL "reporter"'s sources, NC State joins Mississippi State and South Florida on the list of teams PSU transfer Steven Bench is considering transferring to....

Sister SBN blog Off Tackle Empire continues their "Very Early" Position previews with linebackers--and for the first year in a while, no Penn Staters are on the list (though I'd put Borland or Bullough ahead of Shazier)...and watch Mike Hull easily crack the top five at the end of the 2013 season....

Football Outsiders has predicted PSU's football team to go anywhere from 7-5 to 11-1 this year, and ultimately split the difference, guessing a 9-3 record...

Eleven Warriors has a ranking of the Big Ten's night game schedule for the upcoming season, and have the Nittany Lions' three games at four (OSU), five (Michigan) and ten (UCF). My one problem with the post? Everyone knows recent PSU wins were "vacated", so why bring it up in every mention of the team?...

Michael Mauti and Gerald Hodges are doing well at in Minnesota so far...

The men's hockey team has added four more players to its roster for next season, three of whom are true freshmen...

In news that even made the front page of, former PSU president Graham Spanier made the most money of any public university president in the 2011-2012 academic year. What the headlines won't tell you? That dollar amount includes Spanier's significant severance...

The Penn State women's track team won the Big Ten Conference Championship last weekend, with three winners, one of eight Big Ten titles for the university this athletic season...

...and, lastly MOAR CHAMBERS.

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