OT Friday: Favorite SC Bar Brink

So last year, I had a nice little thing going with semi-regular posts about PSU football that invited the user community to vote on things like their favorite play from the 2005 season. Everything was going along just great, and then this happened... oh no, sorry, I mean, this happened... no wait... I keep getting my fundamentally flawed Freeh Reports confused. Anyway, I lost my verve for Fanposting. Well, the off-season has come again, and with it, my poll posting mojo.

This time, I thought I'd kick things off with a good, old-fashioned BSD "off topic" post. Yes, I know I'm not actually posting on a Friday, but this is Happy Valley, and the drinking weekend starts on Thursday. In that vein, your topic is the ultimate State College bar signature drink.

The contenders:

Cafe Iced Teas (Cafe 210) - The bane of Friday afternoon class attendance. Included here as a signature drink because the Cafe Iced Tea special is its own unique spin on the Long Island Iced Tea, based mostly on what the PLCB bulk warehouse had "reduced for quick sale" that week. Like a playthrough of Skyrim, the basics remain the same, but the subtle details change every time.

FishBowl (Bar Bleu) - Based on the premise that drunk college students like two things: bright colors and excess. This monster is to girly drinks what Barry Bonds is to playing baseball, all the basic elements you've come to recognize and expect, but obnoxiously jacked up to XXL on steroids.

Monkeyboy (The Saloon) - Ingredients=Liquor, Sugar. Everyone has their favorite flavor (#bongwater). A great story about this one: A friend of mine had two buddies who attended Ohio State visit him in Happy Valley for the weekend. Their first night in town, he took them to the Saloon, where they were taken aback to see PSU girls easily managing a Monkeyboy pitcher in each hand. Upon returning home, they informed their fellow Buckeyes, "We thought we knew how to drink out here. Then we visited Penn State."

Original Sin (Adam's Apple) - Often overlooked because the Adam's Apple ends up getting confused for just more of The Tavern. I know many folks who didn't even learn of the Original Sin's existence until Senior Week (R.I.P.), but I also know plenty of others who swear by it as their "liquor porn" mega drink of choice. I am not certain of this, but I am pretty sure there is a two-drink limit on orders.

Tonto's Demise (The Darkhorse) - Perhaps as famous/popular for its curious name as anything about the actual drink, I have heard two variations on its origin story. In one iteration, a Darkhorse bartender nicknamed Tonto develops the recipe, helps himself to a few taste tests and gets a DUI on the way home from work. In another, a 80's-era football player and frequent customer, nicknamed Tonto of course, spends more and more of his time sitting at the bar, ordering this drink of his own invention, and his descent into alcoholic negligence ends with Joe kicking him off the team. College town lore at its finest.

Other - Explain your choice in the comments.

I hope this will prompt some funny bar/drinking stories and perhaps unearth a couple other hidden gems. Have at it. Vote, discuss and defend.

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