Success with Hyperlinking is Battening Down the Hatches

Rob Carr

Before we all lose power, have some links.

Your soundtrack, just because:

Grab your galoshes, kiddies--a storm's a comin'. Play has already been suspended at Merion just two hours into the first round of the U.S. Open, and with a forecast of 100% chance of rain, it's not certain how much golf will be played today. So in the meantime, have some links to hold you over.

Today in Future Lion News: PennLive caught up with soon-to-be freshman Andrew Nelson at practice for this weekend's Big 33 Classic. The lineman shared his thoughts on everything from Penn State to Bill O'Brien and then Penn State some more:

"Honestly, I can't say one bad thing about Coach O'Brien," Nelson said. "I don't think he's taken a bad step since he's gotten there. I love his approach: That you take the cards your dealt and you do the best you can. And I think that's what the whole team is about: Showing that Penn State is about success with honor. He's inherited that motto."

Jeff Reinhart also got an update on the Zayd Issah situation straight from the horse's mouth. It sounds like the former future Nittany Lion still has his eyes set on Penn State, but for now he's deciding which prep school to attend in the fall.

If you missed it last night, Pat Chambers picked up his first commitment in the class of 2015 in Philly power forward Michael Watkins. City of Basketball Love has the first interview with the newest Lion and his mentor, Charles Jones. There's some interesting stuff there, including this:

"Some of the things that we always talked about was the fact that Mike has the aspirations of pursuing a professional career," [Jones said].

"We went up [to State College] and it all made sense," Jones said. "The coaching staff, the players, it just seemed like the family vibe was perfect, for working on the court and getting him where he needs to be and accomplish those goals."

School Announcements: Economics professor Dirk Mateer is leaving Penn State for the University of Kentucky, and Onward State reports the move has everything to do with textbook publishing rights. Yet another reason we should abolish textbooks altogether and move towards podcast-based learning.

Penn State's Medical Research Department is Awesome, Volume 2,806: You Have Brains All Over Your Body

Meet Wally Richardson, your new Letterman's Club director.

Around the B1G: Minnesota should probably recycle this late 90s ad campaign for Golden Gopher football post-haste.....According to VU Hoops, the Big Ten could be forming a basketball partnership with the Big East as early as 2014-15, which would present a potential Darth Vader (as portrayed by George Clooney) vs. Luke Skywalker matchup between Jay Wright and Chambers in the near future.....Remember Kenny Bell's block in last year's Big Ten title game? Me neither, but the NCAA is making such blocks illegal for 2013 and beyond.

Lightning Round: It's time to rename the Redskins, say rational people and, more eloquently, Grantland's Dave Zirin.....Aaaand bookmarked.....#Allentown.....David Jones has some suggestions for the best vantage points at the U.S. Open. I was lucky enough to be able to go on Tuesday and if you can't stake out a spot on 17 or 18, settle in on the 11th tee--the grandstand offers decent views of two tee boxes and one green, and the snack stand is right behind you. Be warned, the beer is expensive though ($6.50 for a Budweiser/Michelob Ultra draft).

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