And on the 365th day, ESPN declared...

that we were to be pitied and forgiven, since the NCAA had overstepped its bounds and not followed their own procedures. And Mark Emmert was to be forever called 'Morgoth' for he was an enemy of the people (mostly true).

Reference links here and here.

Oh, just ignore all that other stuff that their writers vomited on the internet.

But seriously guys, this is fun! It's profitable to say that we were railroaded by the system! What a great day! I know its the same shit that we have been saying for, I don't know, a year, but they're on our side now. Isn't this great?! Yea your right this still sucks.

Speaking for myself, I don't care much about the punishments themselves. The scholly reduction chafed my ass quite a bit, since that directly attacks the integrity of our student athletes, which was never in question to begin with. The rest? Crappy and undeserved, but I'm out of the needed energy and functional liver cells to be mad at them. The damage was done a year ago when Morgoth Emmert went on his grandstanding parade at our expense. With public outrage on his side, the NCAA was able to put on a big show and convince people that they were "fixing college sports", and whether or not they agreed, the media went right along with them.

And there lies the problem. Calling people on their bullshit; its something that happens a lot more frequently than it used to, but still not something that happens frequently enough. i don't actually like saying "we didn't break any NCAA rules!" because there are a couple of bylaws that are deliberately vague and say things like "an institution must maintain a certain ethical standard." Yes, its bullshit, but an investigation probably would have lead to the NCAA saying we violated said ethical standards or whatnot. But really, that's not the point.

We were never investigated in the first place! But we still were on the receiving end of punishments, with no due process. This should have the a large part of the focus by the media when the sanctions came out, but instead, they stayed in the relative safety of the mob. I guess I appreciate the largest name in sports media finally coming around to the idea, but this is pretty much the definition of 'a day late and a dollar short."

I honestly hate bringing this stuff up here anymore since it has been absolutely beaten to death, but seeing this made me all kinds of angry.


Nice articles ESPN. Go fuck yourself.

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