Hidden Gems: The Night I Spent With Your Mother

Lately I have noticed that multiple people have spent a rather surprising amount of comment space criticizing the authors of two recent "Hidden Gem" posts.

Now this fanpost goes against a few of my own unwritten policies, which for the sake of honesty, I will share now:

1) Don't criticize criticism. I mean, come on, it's like opening up a can of internet turdjuice.

2) Don't criticize others for writing comments, when you yourself have written way more than anyone should care to count.

3) Don't support the moderators, because TRUTH IS POWER. Or something.

Nonetheless, I feel it necessary to break my policies to say the following.

First, what the hell is going on out here?

I am now going to examine some of the comments that were written in response to Cari Greene's post about the 1989 Maryland game, which I'm assuming was played against Maryland in 1989. Death to Maryland.

Cari began her post by writing:

Why, Cari? Why’d you decide to write about a tie?

She then wrote that this was her first in-game memory of Penn State football.

The very first comment was written by someone whose mother I loved very well. This person criticized the choice of this game as a "gem", which eventually led us to misdreavus79 finally being the one to point out that:

Hidden Gems will focus on games that may not have the same prestige as those games, but certainly were memorable in some way or another and are an important part of the overall composition of Penn State sports.

With such a broad description, the series is, of course, broad in nature. As such, complaining about it so much is akin to my complaining about the size of your mother. She is large, but I expected that from a woman who could give birth to you. It's something you just account for going in. And, boy, did I go in. BOOM.

What really bothers me is that some of the people doing this stuff are posters I really enjoy and truly, honestly respect. So, seriously, people, just stop taking this so seriously. My recommendation is that you make this into another BSD meme.

If you fail to take this advice, I will have no choice but to write a story about the mother of each person who writes a post in criticism of the hidden gems series. These stories, needless to say, will most likely be sexual in nature. Your discretion is advised.

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