Poll: Favorite PSU Number

All the "Only [Insert Name] Until Penn State Football" posts have had me thinking about the long tradition of great players wearing certain numbers for the Nittany Lions, which in turn spawned this post.

So the idea is this: You are stranded on a desert island and will count among your meager possessions only one Penn State football jersey, the very last one that you will ever wear for the rest of your life. As you are recounting the glory of PSU football to the volleyball you have anthropromorphised to stave off the madness of isolation, this is the number you will choose as its exemplar. Perhaps it is the one you consider the program's most "iconic," or maybe it is simply the one with the greatest significance or best memories for you. If you are picking one Penn State jersey to be your very last, which number are you wearing?

I'm really curious to see how the user community feels about this question of incredible significance, so I decided to run it as a poll question. Here is my list of options, skewed heavily toward the last 30 or so years given what seem to be the primary audience demographics not to mention the limitations of my own recall.

2 - Chafie Fields, Derrick Williams, Chaz Powell

10 - Bobby Engram, Bhawoh Jue, Calvin Lowry, Malcolm Willis

11 - LaVar Arrington, Tony Johnson, NaVorro Bowman, Matt McGloin

12 - Kerry Collins, Rashard Casey, Michael Robinson, Stephon Morris

22 - John Cappelletti, Brian Milne, Evan Royster

24 - O.J. McDuffie, Bryant Johnson, Jordan Norwood

31 - Shane Conlan, Freddie Scott, Mac Morrison, Paul Pozluzsny

42 - Lenny Moore, D.J. Dozier, Michael Mauti

43 - Mike Zordich, Phil Yeboah-Kodie, Brandon Short, Adam Taliaferro, Ethan Kilmer, Josh Hull, Mike Hull

83 - Kenny Jackson, Joe Jurevicius, Brett Brackett

This is my stab at a list of popular numbers that is by no means comprehensive. Just off the top of my head, several others I might consider would be (DC-)17, 32 (Ki-jana, Bryan Scott), 33 (Ham), 34 (Franco) and 81 (Kyle Brady).

So vote and then share your decision via the comments. Reminisce about these, and other, great Penn State players; suggest other players/numbers you would recognize with the "last jersey you'll ever put on" honor, and perhaps throw in a few extra details: home blue or away white? piping or no piping?

Author's Note: I'm sure I have excluded noteworthy numbers/players. I worked mostly from memory (double-checking a few via the Google) and came up with a list of 10, which seemed sufficient. Before asking, "How could you forget _____?" just understand that you've answered your own question. Because I forgot it/him. Post suggested amendments in the comment thread, and I'll go back and add them in. Also, I think we can all agree that Ohio State does indeed suck.

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