"Snacks on Snacks": Training Camp Food Never Tasted So Good!


In my PSU foodie life one thing always leads to another, and, I can't thank BSD's Success With Honor Always for the question that carried me through the last two weeks of that life. He said, "Got any tips for yakitori"? One simple question, 14 days ago, took me on a fantastic voyage into my past and I'm here to share it with you tonight!

You see, back in 1986, joefromboalsburg and I spent 10 days in and around Tokyo, and, on the last day of our trip, I actually sat outside on a mountaintop in Japan eating yakitori grilled on two hibachi's, and, drinking Japanese beer -- which officially classifies it as perfect tailgate food!

The first thing I did was gather my thoughts and remembrances. ~ My Yakitori Story & All the Facts Jack ~ post will explain everything you need to know about "grilled chicken", starting with "yaki" being the Japanese word for "grill/grilled" and "tori" being the Japanese word for "bird/chicken"!


Once I got my facts straight, it was time to make ~ Japanese 'Yakitori no Tare' (BBQ/Basting Sauce) ~. "Tare" is the Japanese word for "sauce", and, sure, you can purchase a bottle of yakitori sauce, but after you see how simple is to make, and, after you taste the real-deal stuff, you won't. In this post, I reveal the secrets to why some yakitori chefs keep their pot of sauce on-going for over ten years!


The sauce was made and it was finally time to make dinner: ~ Japanese 'Yakitori' (Skewered & Grilled Chicken) ~. The Japanese have specially-designed grills that do not allow the skewers to touch the direct heat of the grill grids. In this post, I show you two ways to mimic their method on any type of grill!


Two days after that post, I found myself wanting more classic Japanese flavor and texture. I decided tempura was hands-down another Japanese dish favored by us Americans, so I started by showing you ~ How to: Properly Prepare Shrimp for Deep-Frying ~. In it, you'll find two easy tips for keeping those shrimp from curling up into little balls when they hit the hot oil!


~ Japanese 'Tempura' ('Light Batter' for Deep-Frying) ~ is the pinnacle of fried food. No armorlike breading involved. Just a crispy, light, airy batter... Holy mother of deep-fried food!


Walking away from that tempura batter was an impossible situation. So, today, I decided to make a heaping helping of some ~ Tempura-Dipped Onion Rings: Light, Airy & Crisp ~! If I do say so myself, these are the best onion rings in Happy Halley, PA!!!


For these and all of my recipes, just go to: Jessedotsmom's foodie blog

Now, if you will excuse me, it is time for a much needed G&T or three!


For the glory,


PS: Thanks again SWHA!!!

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