Just the Stats: Penn State vs Kent State

Stacy Revere

One of our favorite series is back this week, now with more logos!

Penn St. Nittany Lions (2-1; 0-0 Big Ten) vs Kent State Golden Flashes (1-2; 0-1 MAC)

3:30 p.m. ET, Sept. 21, 2013--Big Ten Network
BeaverStadium (Capacity: 106,572
) / University Park, PA

Penn State Value (Nat'l Rank) Value (Nat'l Rank) Kent State Advantage
Rushing Offense (ypg) 167.0 (70)
186.3 (89)
Rushing Defense (ypg) Push
Passing Offense (ypg) 293.7 (27)
270 (98)
Passing Defense (ypg) Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium
Pass Efficiency 156.46 (28) 205.91 (122)
Pass Efficiency Defense Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium
Total Offense (ypg) 460.7 (45)
456.3 (102)
Total Defense (ypg) Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium
Scoring Offense (ppg) 33.0 (54)
32.0 (93)
Scoring Defense (ppg) Psulogo_medium
Rushing Defense (ypg) 117.0 (T-31)
121.0 (95)
Rushing Offense (ypg) Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium
Passing Defense (ypg) 199.7 (T-44)
182.7 (96)
Passing Offense (ypg) Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium
Pass Efficiency Defense 117.63 (48)
135.57 (63)
Pass Efficiency Push
Total Defense (ypg) 316.7 (26)
303.7 (T-113)
Total Offense (ypg) Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium
Scoring Defense (ppg) 18.13 (18)
30.88 (52)
Scoring Offense (ppg) Psulogo_medium
Net Punting Yds 33.79 (101)
1.0 (118)
Punt Return Yds Push
Punt Return Yds 14.57 (23)
39.31 (40)
Net Punting Yds Push
Kickoff Return Yds 22.67 (44)
20.17 (58)
Kickoff Return Defense Push
Kickoff Return Defense 24.67 (T-98)
21.1 (70)
Kickoff Return Yds Golden-flashes-logo-1_medium
Turnover Margin -1.00 (109)
-.3 (T-87)
Turnover Margin Push
Penalty Yds/Game 33.0 (T-18)
59.67 (T-92)
Penalty Yds/Game Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium
Sacks 1.67/gm (T-62)
1.33 (T-40)
Sacks Allowed Push
Sacks Allowed 2.67/gm (T-103)
2.0 (T-50)
Sacks Golden-flashes-logo-1_mediumGolden-flashes-logo-1_medium
Redzone Offense (%) 100% (T-1)
93.3% (T-89)
Redzone Defense (%) Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium
Redzone Defense (%) 100% (T-91)
100% (T-1)
Redzone Offense (%) Golden-flashes-logo-1_mediumGolden-flashes-logo-1_mediumGolden-flashes-logo-1_medium
Redzone TD % 80% 66.67%
Redzone TD % Defense Psulogo_medium
Redzone TD % Defense 57.14%
Redzone TD % Push
3rd Down Conv. % 11.8% (122)
42.9% (T-89)
3rd Down Defense % Golden-flashes-logo-1_medium
3rd Down Defense % 33% (39)
42.2% (T-63)
3rd Down Conv. % Push
4th Down Conv. % 83.3% (T-10)
0% (T-1)
4th Down Defense % Push
4th Down Defense % 0% (T-1)
50% (T-44)
4th Down Conv. % Psulogo_medium
1st Downs 63 (T-48)
63 (T-90)
1st Downs Allowed Psulogo_medium
1st Downs Allowed 42 (T-26)
51 (T-86)
1st Downs Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium
Time of Posession 28:00 (78)
32:00 (30)
Time of Posession Golden-flashes-logo-1_medium

Difference <25 in National Rank = Push

Difference >25 in National Rank = Psulogo_medium

Difference >50 in National Rank = Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium

Difference >75 in National Rank = Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium

Difference >100 in National Rank = Psulogo_mediumPsulogo_mediumPsulogo_mediumPsulogo_medium

Note: The Redzone TD% and Redzone TD% Defense are calculated by me and not ranked by the NCAA. Determining who has the advantage in these categories is strictly my arbitrary judgment.

Quick thoughts: Now, I know they're Kent State and all...but they were actually decent last year, going 11-3 and finishing the season ranked #25 in the BCS. This year, though, they're a new team with a new coach, and it shows in the statistics; it doesn't help, of course, that they lost to LSU last week.

So, instead of straight comparing the two teams this week (you can see that above for yourself), let's take a look at where we are this year after the third week, versus last year at the same time. Last year, we were 1-2, coming off a blowout win over Navy and about to face a tough Temple team; this year, we're coming off a close loss to UCF, 2-1, going against a traditional MACrifice. Statistics-wise, it's not even close--2013>>>>>2012, with the few exceptions being Scoring D (all other traditional yard aspects of defense are ranked higher this year), Kickoff return defense, sacks and turnover margin--and, of course, third down conversions. Nearly every single offensive stat is better this year--that with a freshman QB at the helm, versus a fifth year senior.

Even if we look at later in the season, after we'd gotten into our groove, it was more of the same. The moral of the story? All is not lost. We will be a good football team this year (the numbers show that)--maybe not great, but good. And for the duration of the sanctions, that's enough for me.

What say you all?

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