Does this document show that the BOT/Administration Over-Ruled the All Powerful Joe?

I just saw this link to what appears to be Joe’s handwritten comments about J.S.’ retirement package (thanks Jared P.). And I thought, "we won this weekend, the team looked good…so what the hell are we going to fret about?"

How ‘bout a nice rousing legal debate? Hurrah!

A couple things, I haven't seen this anywhere else. I would love to find out where it came from...Jay? Scotty?

Assuming this is the genuine article, it appears to be more information that shifts the burden from Joe onto the BOT and the Administration. My question to our legal group:

Is this an indication of the direction that the Paterno’s legal team is taking? And do you think it’s a good one?

I believe that, if the Paterno's can find more of this material in the archives, the NCAA could be in deep trouble. Here’s why…

The mood right now, as we’ve seen from articles and books written lately, is more thoughtful that it was when all this went down. The mood is moving away from pitchforks and torches…and more towards, "oh shit, did we really do that?"

Kind of like looking at pictures from that lost weekend of Sailor’s Ball, when you see that you really did swallow live goldfish and run naked down Fairmont St (I am so thankful there wasn’t space book or titter back then)…but I digress.

Like some of you, I really hate the tar and feather job that we got. However, I also think there is culpability that needs to come out. J.S. was an important figure in town, the Second Mile was a big deal, and he had powerful supporters. They probably shoved stuff under the rug for him. If so, that needs to come out in court.

Unfortunately, the target moved away from them and onto Joe. He was the revered coach. He was the icon of "playing football the right way". And he became the target for all the negative publicity and media outrage.

I hope that the Paterno’s can find enough material to present a clear picture of Joe as the person we all thought he was…not as that guy he was portrayed as.

Anyway, I hope this stirs some discussion.

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