We Are! 2013 THANKS YOU

One of the gifts on various donation levels for the kickstarter for our Penn State preview emagazine, We Are! 2013 (still available here), was that we would name all donors in a dedicated post on BSD.

This, dear readers, is that post.

On behalf of Seth, Mike, Jared and the entire writing staff of We Are! 2013, I could not thank this community enough for its support, both monetarily and the word-of-mouth support you've generated amongst your non-BSD family and friends. Thanks again, and here's to an even better We Are! 2014--hopefully with a print edition!

The staff of We Are! 2013 wish to thank:



3yardout, the play to call on 3rd and 5

Adam Rowe

Adam Shellenbarger

Alex Pardo

Andrew Pituch



Archer Bullseye

Barry Lorah '84

Barry McCockinner

Ben Howard

Ben Lerman

Ben Peters

Benjamin Gerald



Bob and Joanna Jones

Bob Stalnaker

Brad Stoner

Brad V

Brian Beltz

Brian Dawson

Brian Godiksen

Brian LeSieur

Brian Nypaver

Brian Solomon

Cait Knoll


Chris & Alyson Wright

Chris and Lisa Marsh

Chris and Terri Buchignani

Chris Jones

Chris Munson

Clint Mickel

Colin Smith

Cwarner28/Ryan Long

Dan Kendall

Danny Reynolds

Dave Gutting

David Robacker

David Walenga


Denise Leach

Denise Reynolds

Dennis Farley

Derek Garner

Derek Kunz

Dirk Metzger

Doug Hill

Doug Krouse '93

Doug Leidwinger

Edgar Mitchell


Eric Williges

Erik "Chillbro Swaggins" Higbie

Errin Miller

F. Scott Fein

Frank Kishel

Frank Stone

Gary D. Behler

Glen & Linda Pettigano

Glenn M. Eckenrode

Greg Jones

Guy Kingsley B'Log '88

Harry Miller

HOSS's is HOSSpitality

In Memory of Teresa Meier

J. Welsh

Jason Bettio

Jason M.

Jason Manoharan

Jason Puckey


Jeremy Herman

Jerry Slanina

Jim Keryan

Joe Antico

Joe Walsh

John C

John Koury

John Unitas

John Walker

Jon Ritter

Jon Seek Jr.

Jonathan Fultz

Joseph Mays


Justin Becker

Justin Grady

Katie Ottinger

Keith Lindell '02

Ken Davis

Kevin Fay

Kevin Love Hubbard

Linda Fink

Marjea Greene

Mark Doll

Mark Wiser

Matt Vandevere

Matt Welshans

Matthew Nolan

Matthew Ricks

Melissa Fischer

Michael Ferguson

Michael Fung, MD

Mike Laskowski

Mike Werstuik


Mountain Dog

Nick Latino

Nick Minford

Nick Powers

NOT Chris Polak



Paige Powell

Paul C.

Paul O.

Peggi Munkittrick

Pete B.


Peter Berkes

Phil Bush

Prince Swaray

Randy Iles

RD Thrush

Rebecca Wetzel

Rich Hann, Jr.

Ryan Starr

Ryan Vance

Santo Fortebuono

Scarecrow, Traffic Cone, Stop Sign, Turnstile, and Banana Peel

Scott Kutlick

Sean Baker

Seth Davis (larchpsu)

Seth Morring

Shamus McCormick

Shane L.

Ethan Lowe



Stephen Reck

Taylor Hess

Ted Hornbein


The Kalachik Family

The Kasperik/Pharmer Family

The Nittany Valley Society

Tim Aydin

Tim Barton

Tim Hyland

Tom Magner

Tom Rhoads

Tom Stoner (TexasRef)

Trey Shrawder

Justin Casavant

Will Walters

Zach Modig

Zach Schroeder

Thanks again for your support, and WE ARE!

And join us on Facebook
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