The Skinny on PSU hoops

League Only Stats

Scoring, - 65 & 10th, Neb 11, Kitties 12

Scoring Margin - -10.5 10th, Neb 11, kitties 12

Free throw shooting - 69% 10th

Shooting - 37.4% - 11th, Illinois 12

FG defense - 39.4% 3rd

Shooting differential - minus 2.2% 7th, Ill -5.1, IU -6.5, Pur -6.9, Neb -15.1, kitties -17.4

3 pt fg% - 30.5% 8th (either B10 defense great or some real brick layers in conference)

3 pt defense - .367 7th

Rebounding - minus 8.8 11th, Kitties 12th

Blocked shots - 3rd

assists - 11th, kitties 12th

Steals - 9th

A/to ration - 0.6 tie with IU 11th

Attendance - 6829, 12th


Player, 3 pointers taken, 3 point %, BB attempts & makes

Taylor - 84, 28, 29.8%, 4 -19 (adding - 36-68 53% on 2;s, 7-17 & 41% B10, 29-32 91% FT & 100% B10)

Newbill - 61, 26, 42.6%, 6-14 43%

Roberts - 59, 17, 28.8%, 0-7

Frazier - 43,14, 32.6%, 2-6

Jack - 30, 14, 47%, 5-11 45%

Travis, 26, 9, 35%, 2-4 50%

Johnson, 19, 7, 37%, 5-17


It becomes quite apparent why PSU is losing close games at home. The wrong person is taking too many shots from behind the line (and the right players are not getting enough shots - hint - Newbill and Jack). Taylor shot 28.6% last year and is shooting 29.8% this year. HE IS A GREAT free throw shooter. If PSU is going to turn this season around and start winning, either 2 things need to happen:

1) Taylor starts making threes better than he has in the first year and a half or

2) He gets his shots from closer to the BASKET where he can draw fouls and get almost automatic points


after studying this for awhile and reassessing the situation, have changed course a little and think that there might be enough talent to win 4 or 5 BiG BoY games before the season is over IF CHAMBERS makes some decisions for the betterment of the team. I have to wonder about DJ who seems to be taking nearly all good shots and what he is thinking when Taylor jacks threes from 4 & 5 feet behind the arc. As someone else noted, there is a reason opponents don't guard him out there and it is crystal. Shot selection is one of Bo Ryans main points of emphasis. Unless the shot clock is under 6-7 seconds his players take almost all good shots. Perhaps PSU could start copying that approach!

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