Penn State Wrestling Hosts Oklahoma State

Galen / BSD

The Okie State Cowboys travel to Rec Hall.

It will have been 18 years to the day - February 16th, 1996 - since the Oklahoma State Cowboys last entered Rec Hall for a wrestling dual. Back then, Penn State was blown out on the scoreboard, but not on the mat. The 26-7 loss was littered with close matches up and down the lineup. Six of Penn State's 8 losses were by 2 points or fewer.

Weight PSU Wrestler Opponent Result
118 Jason Nagle Moore, T. LMD 5-17
126 Jason Betz Guerrero L 7-8
134 Biff Walizer Schmidt L 4-6
142 Mark Brace Allen L 1-2
150 Russ Hughes Arias WMD 14-5
158 John Lange Moore, H. L 4-5
167 Matt Hardy Branch LMD 0-13
177 Frank Morici Pennington W 9-6
190 Rob Neidlinger Strobel L 3-5
275 Matt Gaul Lee L 2-4

Eighteen years later, not a whole lot has changed for Oklahoma State. They still have studs dotting their lineup, John Smith is still in the coach's chair, and they still wrestle.....let's call it, "conservatively". So, if you'll be in the Rec Hall bleachers, save your voice on Saturday, because you're gonna need it on Sunday at 2pm.

125 LBS

#2 Nico Megaludis vs. #13 SO Eddie Klimara

Klimara is a tie-and-grind 125lber, and strength is a better asset for him than quickness. That's not a good recipe against Nico.

Line: Nico by decision. PSU 3-0

133 LBS

#16 Jimmy Gulibon vs. #4 SR Jon Morrison

Morrison probably walks around at 185 lbs in the off season. He's absolutely huge at 133, and is probably still a little too much for Jimmy at this time.

Line: Morrison by decision. Tied, 3-3.

141 LBS

#2 Zpain Retherford vs. #19 FR Anthony Collica

Another week, another drastically different opponent for Pain. Last week Pain dominated a straight-ahead, brick sh**house in #6 Dardanes. This week he gets the polar opposite in Collica.

Line: Zpain by decision. PSU 6-3

149 LBS - Match of the Meet #1

#17 Zack Beatz vs. #9 JR Josh Kindig

This is a huge match for Zack. Kindig is exactly the type of guy he'll see in the quarterfinals, and/or "the blood round" - one win short of making All-American - at the NCAAs. Kindig is a heckuva wrestler, with an awesome duck under. Zack's been painfully close to pulling incredible upsets, losing in OT to both #3 Dardanes and #4 Tsirtsis. Can he get the ankle pick working against Kindig?

Line: I'm taking Zack. PSU 9-3

157 LBS - Match of the Meet #2

#6 Dylan Alton vs. #3 SO Alex Dieringer

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? Let's go with that. Dylan got caught in Ness's elevator twice last Sunday. But he was also in really deep twice. I think Dylan shrugs that off, picks up his offense, and gets the winning takedown against Dieringer here. Back into the top 5 at this weight.

Line: Alton by decision. PSU 12-3.

165 LBS

#1 David Taylor vs. #5 SR Tyler Caldwell

Caldwell is probably the 2nd best guy at this weight. Maybe. The Magic Man has majored him both times they've wrestled. Caldwell will look to stall, and block, and stall, and defend, and stall - but he's not had even a hint of offense against Taylor in 14 minutes on the mat. I'd like to think maybe that'll change this time, but probably not.

Line: Taylor by major. PSU 16-3.

174 LBS - Match of the Meet #3

#4 Matt Brown vs. #2 SR Chris Perry

I'll get this out of the way - I hate Chris Perry. The guy is an incredible wrestler. He's smart. He's physically gifted. He's technically gifted. He's a great scrambler. And he won't freaking wrestle. He could be destroying guys, from the looks of things. But he's perfectly content winning 2-1 on a riding time point. Worse, he did a number on Hulk Hands at the Scuffle final, last time out. Let's see if Hulk can penetrate that Perry D for a takedown in this, their 3rd meeting.

Line: Perry by decision. PSU 16-6.

184 LBS

#2 Ed Ruth vs. UR FR Jordan Rogers OR UR FR Nolan Boyd

Rogers is a talented true frosh, who will wrestle you. Boyd is a talented redshirt frosh who will wrestle you. Ed Ruth is So Fresh, So Clean.

Line: Ed by major. PSU 20-6.

197 LBS

#3 Morgan McIntosh vs. #16 SR Blake Rosholt OR FR Nolan Boyd

Wow - what a great win for Morg last week, knocking off #1 Schiller with 2 takedowns and a reversal. That. Was. Awesome.

Less awesome has been Rosholt's senior year. Maybe it's injuries? Who knows, but the returning All-American has dropped a bevy of bad matches. There's been no evidence to think that won't continue.

Line: Morg by decision. PSU 23-6.

285 LBS

#12 Jimmy Lawson OR Jon Gingrich vs. #16 SO Austin Marsden

We might see Jimmy back on the mat. Cael left that open as a possibility. Jimmy notched a win over Marsden at the Scuffle. But anything can happen in a one-move match.

Line: PSU by decision. PSU 26-6.

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