Success With Hyperlinking, For One, Welcomes Our New Penn State Overlord

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Your favorite semi-weekly link dump is back with a new President-elect, to boot.

New President??? NEW PRESIDENT.

In case you've been out of the loop until now, Penn State has swiped Florida State president Eric Barron back to Happy Valley. While I'm not about to rehash all the details, I do want to point out an interesting line from Kevin Horne's column on Barron in Onward State, regarding Barron's handling of the James Winston rape investigation at Florida State:

Here's Barron's statement after the investigation was closed (emphasis mine):

"Florida State University has a primary purpose to educate young people while enabling them to hone their skills and develop their gifts so they can become productive citizens. It is also our responsibility to treat students fairly and provide appropriate support.

"Recent weeks have provided a painful lesson, as we have witnessed harmful speculation and inappropriate conjecture about this situation and the individuals involved. As a result, we have all been hurt.

"A respect for the principle of due process is essential to the integrity of our community. Our commitment to each and every one of our students is unwavering and will remain our priority."

Imagine that, a guy actually believes in due process! [Obligatory F U EMMERT.]

But, How Will Barron Deal With JoePa's Legacy?

Glad you asked, Pennlive's Audrey Snyder covered that very topic, replete with a quote from Barron himself:

"The best answer is to tell you to give me time," Barron said when asked about Paterno on Monday. "In my view, whatever we do, we have to make sure that we do it with a high sense of integrity and honor. ... And sometimes that takes time."

Mike Gesicki: Hoops Star

When current incoming freshman tight end MIke Gesicki isn't busy giving reasons for PSU football fans to drool, he's busy giving reasons for PSU football fans to demand that Pat Chambers make a spot for him on the basketball roster, as well. This past Saturday, Gesicki racked up an impressive stat line of 32 points, 16 rebounds, six blocks, and four steals en route to leading his high school, Southern Regional (NJ), to a 77-49 romp over Toms River.

Here's the link to the highlights

My bad, here's the actual highlights below:

This Week In Stuff You Already Knew But Love To See Infinitely Rehashed

Penn State was rated not only the best student section in the Big Ten, but the best student section in the country, per Brian Bennett at the four-letter network's blog:

There's simply no better student section in the country than the one at Beaver Stadium. Penn State students love their Nittany Lions, and they arrive on game days ready to cheer loud, sing songs and wear the right colors. The S-Zone forms a giant blue S on a white background that looks incredible on TV and in person. Students camp out for tickets in the old "Paternoville" (now "Nittanyville"), and the school sold more than 21,000 student season tickets last season.

Mmmm yessss, say it again!

Some Real Quick Dumps For You:

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