Big Hands I Know You're The One!

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"I like to recruit guys with massive heads, big hands, long arms and big feet, 'cause that shows growth potential." James Franklin.

When considering the talent of incoming PSU football recruits we should remember not to overlook what coach Franklin looks at while assessing talent. The potential for growth. No recruiting service can tell the future and the star system of ranking players has its obvious flaws. Recruiting services like Rivals, Scout, etc, tend to lean favoritism toward how well a player has already developed their body and talent. Because of this the players who grow the most in size and skill once they get to college tend to outgrow their star ranking as well.

Past PSU Recruits Who Must Have Had Big Feet and Heads.

In 2005, PSU three-star recruit according to, Sean Lee, was out-shadowed by Justin King and Derrick Williams, who had 5 stars each coming in to the season. Lee has done well even though he was not hyped coming in.

Evan Royster, a three star running back recruit the next year did well for the Lions and is still collecting a paycheck in the NFL. Royster and Lee both had more than just football skills that they brought to the table for the Lions. Sean Lee was also rated as a two star basketball player and Evan Royster, if you hadn't heard, was pretty good at lacrosse. No word on their hand or head size from the recruiting services, but both players had abnormally large hearts.

In 2009, two incoming lineman recruits and their stars awarded could be expressed in these terms: U(5/2)=S. U would represent John Urschel and his 2 stars, with S representing Eric Shrive and his 5 stars. No word on Urschel's head size, although it does overwhelm many cameras, but the brain inside his head is massive and still growing. Coming in with two stars and little anticipation, Urschel may have been singing a song written by former PSU football standout Mike Reid, I can't make you love me. Now everyone loves Urschel and like Reid, he is poised for accomplishments off the field when his playing days are over. Greatness slipped in through our blind side door as we drooled at the four star future quarterback Kevin Newsome walking down the red carpet with his future protector Shrive.

In 2011 Allen Robinson was a three star recruit at wide-out ranked the 108th best prospect at that position. Bill Belton was ranked as the 11th best wide-out nationally in that class, and was a four star recruit. Makes you wonder if Troy Apke and his three stars may be under-rated in the current group of highly anticipated wide receiver recruits.

In this years' group of recruits, which ones have big heads and feet? Can any of them jump out of a four foot swimming pool, and if so, should they?

Class of '14 Most Likely to Exceed

Koa Farmer. He's got a really big brain inside his head. Coming in as a three or four star recruit depending who you ask, he has an intangible skill set that is hard to rate using stars. First, he's a tweener position wise. Is he a large safety or a smallish linebacker? His aspirations go past the football field, as he will be pursuing a PhD. His talent on the field is hard to quantify at this point, and he looks to be a good candidate for a player who will make a lasting impact after his career on the field is over.

Chasz Wright stands at 6'7 and is 300 pounds having received three stars coming in to PSU. While he's already big, his size if matched with skill growth could easily see him surpass the current assessment of his talent by recruiting agencies. He may well prove to be the elephant in the room that no one is really paying attention to at this point, but could be a star in a few years.

Amani Oruwariye, three star cornerback from Tampa, Florida. Deep within the heart of SEC territory, and from the fertile recruiting grounds of Florida, is a player who is coming in under the radar. First the obvious, this guy is going to need a nickname. We may as well call him 'the suit' since he projects to be a great cover corner. Being that there is no lack of talent in his region of play, it is not out of the question to think that his three stars are due to the fact that he is not as 'college ready' as some of the players on his team and in his region are. He's 6'1 and 180ish with a 4.5 40. He has long arms. No word on his feet or head, but this guy could grow in to a Bryan Scott type of defensive back; big, tall, long. Scott, the former PSU defensive back is also a very good musician.

Spell-check is not kind to these three PSU recruits' names. Maybe some day they will accomplish such great feats off the field that their names will not be underlined in red as they are typed. Once spell check knows your name, you have officially made it in this world.

Many past PSU players have had talents outside of football. The art work by Aaron Maybin is one example. Mike Reid and Bryan Scott's musical talents are other examples.

Big hands, heads, feet and arms could be one indicator of which recruits may exceed their star rankings and incoming hype. Talents and interests outside of sports could be another indicator of a person who is poised to deliver more than just football to our great University.

And of the incoming recruits that may not live up to their star rankings or hype? That is why character is so important, their contribution to the team and the University may be greater off the field or long after their playing days are over.

Adam Taliaferro came to PSU a highly regarded recruit. He was a great high-jumper, four year starter on the basketball team, and a great football player in high school. He got early playing time at PSU, but a well-publicized injury ended his playing career and changed the course of his life. Now a current member of the PSU Board of Trustees, his life after football has far surpassed his accomplishments on the field. Many of these incoming players will do more off the field to represent PSU in a positive way than on the field. It will be fun to watch them grow.

Whose head looks the largest among this years recruits to you? Are you aware of any abnormal skills that any of these players may have. It's been rumored that Michael O'Connor can play the Canadian National Anthem in a Nashville-style tune using only a palm tree coconut and a manatee, but that hasn't been confirmed.

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