B1G Tournament Wrestling Pre-Seeds Announced


Ed: bumped for being faster than anyone on staff...thanks, bveo! --CG

FIVE top seeds and a #2. Not bad ...

125 lbs (top 7 qualify for nationals):

1. Nico Megaludis, PSU

2. Jesse Delgado, ILL

3. Cory Clark, IOWA

4. Bradley Taylor, WIS

5. Conor Youtsey, MICH

6. Tim Lambert, NEB

7. Camden Eppert, PUR

8. Nick Roberts, OSU

Quick take: Nico is basically in the finals. He teched Roberts in the dual, and Conaway easily beat Youtsey. Delgado should also reach the finals, but Clark is a much more formidable opponent. Goofer Brancale not seeded, at serious risk of not qualifying for nationals.

133 lbs (8 qualifiers):

1. Tony Ramos, IOWA

2. Tyler Graff, WIS

3. David Thorn, MINN

4. Cashe Quiroga, PUR

5. Zane Richards, ILL

6. Johnni DiJulius, OSU

7. Jimmy Gulibon, PSU

8. Rossi Bruno, MICH

9. Shawn Nagel, NEB

10. Dom Malone, NU

11. Joe Duca, IND

12. Garth Yenter, MSU

Quick take: Highly unlikley Gulibon finishes below his seed, and he could make a run to the finals -- Graff has no gas tank, just ask Jordan Conaway, and Jimmy has beaten Thorn.

141 lbs (6 qualifiers):

1. Zain Retherford, PSU

2. Logan Stieber, OSU

3. Chris Dardanes, MINN

4. Stephen Dutton, MICH

5. Josh Dziewa, IOWA

6. Steven Rodrigues, ILL

7. Danny Sabatello, PUR

8. Jessie Thielke, WIS

Quick take: Thielke is an interesting quarters matchup -- he has done very well on the freestyle and greco circuit but has struggled in folk. Most likely it's Zain-Stieber II for the conference title. Tom Ryan is on alert for Average Officials.

149 lbs (6 qualifiers):

1. Jake Sueflohn, NEB

2. Nick Dardanes, MINN

3. Jason Tsirtsis, NU

4. Brody Grothus, IOWA

5. Eric Grajales, MICH

6. Ian Paddock, OSU

7. James English, PSU

8. Brandon Nelsen, PUR

Quick take: English (0-0 conf record) being seeded 7th is mildly surprising. A win over Dardanes in the quarters will clinch a trip to OKC. If he loses to Dardanes, he will most likely face Paddock in consis to qualify. Very doable.

157 lbs (8 qualifiers):

1. Isaac Jordan, WIS

2. James Green, NEB

3. Dylan Ness, MINN

4. Derek St. John, IOWA

5. Dylan Alton, PSU

6. Taylor Walsh, IND

7. Zac Brunson, ILL

8. Brian Murphy, MICH

9. Alex Griffin, PUR

10. Ben Sullivan, NU

11. Randy Languis, OSU

12. Roger Wildmo, MSU

Quick take: Defending national champ DSJ gets the #4 conference seed -- wow. Tough draw for Alton, but he's in no danger of missing nationals.

165 lbs (8 qualifiers, as if that matters):

1. David Taylor, PSU

2. Nick Moore, IOWA

3. Pierce Harger, NU

4. Dan Yates, MICH

5. Jackson Morse, ILL

6. Danny Zilverberg, MINN

7. Ryan LeBlanc, IND

8. Austin Wilson, NEB

9. Pat Robinson, PUR

10. Joe Grandominico, OSU

11. Bobby Nash, MSU

12. Ben Cox, WIS

Quick take: 165-David Taylor. Only questions are how many pins and bonus points he gets.

174 lbs (7 qualifiers):

1. Robert Kokesh, NEB

2. Matt Brown, PSU

3. Mike Evans, IOWA

4. Logan Storley, MINN

5. Tony Dallago, ILL

6. Mark Martin, OSU

7. Scott Liegel, WIS

8. Collin Zeerip, MICH

Quick take: Mike Evans is not impressed with Kokesh, but you should be. Kokesh is quietly having a monster year -- his only loss a 1-pointer to Andrew Howe. This will be a good test for Hulk Hands.

184 lbs (1 champ + 6 victims the NCAA will pity):

1. Ed Ruth, PSU

2. Kevin Steinhaus, MINN

3. Ethen Lofthouse, IOWA

4. TJ Dudley, NEB

5. Domenic Abounader, MICH

6. Kenny Courts, OSU

7. Jackson Hein, WIS

8. John Rizqallah, MSU

Quick take: They can't handle The Ruth.

197 lbs (8 qualifiers):

1. Morgan McIntosh, PSU

2. Nick Heflin, OSU

3. Scott Schiller, MINN

4. Braden Atwood, PUR

5. Nathan Burak, IOWA

6. Mario Gonzalez, ILL

7. Alex Polizzi, NU

8. Timmy McCall, WIS

9. Nick McDiarmid, MSU

10. Caleb Kolb, NEB

11. Chris Heald, MICH

12. Garret Goldman, IND

Quick take: Smack may have the easiest path to the finals of all Lions.

285 lbs (9 qualifiers):

1. Adam Coon, MICH

2. Adam Chalfant, IND

3. Mike McMullan, NU

4. Bobby Telford, IOWA

5. Tony Nelson, MINN

6. Mike McClure, MSU

7. Connor Medbery, WIS

8. Jon Gingrich, PSU

9. Collin Jensen, NEB

10. Nick Tavanello, OSU

11. Alex White, PUR

12. Chris Lopez, ILL

Quick take: Not the easiest draw for Big Jon, but 285 is brutal this year. Barring a collapse, he'll qualify.

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