All That Hate Out There…It's Really Just Despair.

Wow. I knew that some people didn’t like Penn State, but holy cow.

It’s time to put some jackasses in their places. So let’s feel the hate. Let’s dig into the source of this anger…oh that’s easy, their teams suck. It chaps their asses like 20 miles on a narrow bike seat.

I thought we could take some time to meet these vociferous haters, to get ready for this season. Many of you are familiar with them already, but that's okay.

Let’s start with that little school in Maryland.

This is a 329 comment post about Adam McLean’s commitment to Penn State.

Some of my favorite quotes:

This is about more than beating someone

This is about a university that committed the most heinous crimes in the history of American sports. And about a town and fan base that, as far as I can tell, doesn’t give two shits about it as long as their precious football team is ok… which is what turned one terrible crime into many more and an institutional coverup that should have landed several guys in prison for the rest of their lives.

Cultishness confirmed.....successfully and honorably.

More like, the truly brainwashed cannot help themselves...

….now go drink you pedophile flavored kool aid and slap yourself on the back for being charitable.

Just like a robber baron who killed, tortured and pillaged to make his fortune....

…..but gave money to a University or Museum to get his name put on it as some great philanthropist.

stfu already. Charitability in no way, shape or form makes up for the hypocrisy and delusions or the REAL crimes that took place in PSU’s locker room that were then covered up.

So UMD loses a recruit to us and the thread quickly devolves into shit. Words like "cult" and "brain washed" come up frequently. They lost a player to us…a whole University of pedophiles.

Those of you who weren’t around for the 1980’s can’t appreciate how truly abysmal Maryland football is. That’s why these folks are angry. They suck. Bad.

Even without IT, these poor bastards hated us. Just wearing Penn State gear sends them into a tailspin. But their anger isn’t solely for us.

I went to graduate school at UNC. Even those folks laughed an UMD. And UMD hates them too. Want to see a Maryland fan truly come unhinged? Watch a Tarheel mock the "fear the turtle" motto in the voice from the Bishop in the Princess Bride.


So, as much as I want to hate them back, I actually feel sorry for them. They don’t know how to be real fans. Their football team is abysmal. They wish it wasn’t so and live in a delusion. Imagine Temple fans expecting undefeated seasons every year. That’s basically what you got in Maryland.

Rather than focus on their own lack, they push their hatred outward. At us. It has to be completely demoralizing to take the high-brow "Ped State" view and watch us steal the best players from the state of Maryland.

Next, let’s visit our old friends in Jersey…Rutgers.

These guys had to publish a warning to its fans to stop tweeting at recruits. No really, they had to say this:

If you are one of the degenerates who disparage or threaten a high school prospect for choosing another school, you need more help than this humble blog is medically licensed to provide to you. If you threaten someone on the internet, you have committed a crime, and given the interstate nature of the internet, probably a federal offense. You are not allowed to threaten people in real life, and the same rules apply online. Don't even think about it. No one should act this way, and certainly not Rutgers fans. Stay classy.

And they want to hate us. They really, really want to hate us, as you can see from this classy missive.

It contains such gems as these:

How about their insufferable, unbearable, impossible fans? The best way to find out why PoSU deserves our scorn, hate and unbridled malice? Talk to someone who had to deal with their shit for years. Talk to someone who sat through 59-34, 55-27, or 49-14. Talk to someone who had to put up with their holier-than-fucking-thou cult of personality for longer than 10 minutes at a train station.

The reason to loathe Penn State to the center of your very soul is the zombie cult army fanbase, spewing self-righteous, sanctimonious phony pious bullshit about "winning with honor" and "the grand experiment", and Saint Joe the blameless. They call their cesspool of Central Pennsylvania wilderness HAPPY VALLEY ferchrissakes.

Oh wait, that was just the author and the moderator. Here are the fans…

I can't wait for that shiny-headed coach to fall flat after all this hype.

I would love to see them lose to UCF in Dublin and Akron at home, and come into Piscataway 0-2, so Kyle Flood can administer the coup-de-grace curbstomp in front of 55,000 of my closest friends in our B1G premier. #bELieve

How long until they bring back that St. Joe statue they have in storage? I think its back up within five years, and the worship of false idols will continue unabated.

Paterno the scumbag on display

Paterno showed his lack of class y throwing for a TD so late in the game with Penn State up by so much. The little guy couldn’t even take it like a man when by Graber uttered a few well-deserved cross words .

But this just doesn't feel like real hate. It's too forced. Too inward looking. Not like this kind of hate:

Oh lookie everyone, the PSU cult members have come en masse....

Why look its Cari "the coward" Greene (Squeeky Fromme to JoePa’ Manson) who banned me from BSD because the poor, poor PSU sissies are oh soo very very sensitive toANY criticism. They are allowed to abuse and threaten but HEAVEN FORBID anyone call them out for the pretentious COWARDS that PSU produces (as evidenced by those who are posting on this thread today) because they CELEBRATE true cowards like Joe "i knew nothing" Paterno and their most FAMOUS alum – Jerry Sandusky!!!!

That is right "What is Pedd State" is merely a $100 question in Jeopardy to the clue "What is Jerry Snadusky’s Alma Mater where for YEARS they celebrated his achievements and deified himn as a genius and put his mug up on a mural while the LOCAL cops who Paterno OWNED looked the other way along with the University."

Hell the same answere is merely a $200 question in the bonus round for the clue – "What school defines cultish fanhood in complete denial that they are DIRTY?"

Sure, he looked the other way while a pedophile ran amok AND GAVE hime awards for his great work with "the Second Mile" or as PSU folk KNOW it to be – the "talent pool" yet they will STILL spout that JoePa NEVER covered up any transgressions of his FB players!!! yeah, that makes sense. and I have a good friend who went to PSU (who thankfully got into Wharton for b-school based in part on an essay he wrote about his experiences and thus now ONLY identifies himself as a Penn alumni….the school thatPSU is lucky to get mixed up with) who was threatened with deportation after a FB player broke his jaw for not doing a paper for him. Nope, never ever happened. Because Joepa was so CLEAN, SO omnipotent, so HONORABLE.

Oops, that’s that pesky Maryland fan…guy…creepo. He loves to pop up everywhere to spew filth.

Now he's a hater. But he’s not a fan so much as an internet hooligan. He’s like that fat drunk guy from Michigan that got maced last season. He’s the kind of guy that real fans would rather just shut up.

Without him, most of the Rutgers boards are just full of weepy sadness. I feel like they need a Smiths soundtrack when I read them. When Saeed Blacknall flipped, I looked for hate. All I found was resignation and despair.

There were (are?) pleas to bring Schiano back. Yikes.

This is a team that doesn’t need a new head coach, they need a new fan base.

Actually, both schools’ fans need to learn how to do it well. What appears (to them) to be cultish behavior from Penn State fans is how real fans behave.

I found this same kind of lackluster fandom at many schools. And I found some truly amazing fanbases as well. What I found is that the mediocre schools hate the great schools.

Case in point…Duke’s Cameron Crazies. Despised (and feared) throughout the ACC, these kids are fucking awesome fans. I went to one game there. They had researched the opponent’s players and practiced cheers. Whenever a player got the ball, the crazies had some insane cheer about the kid. It was wild and it worked.

It reminded me of our student section. Love Duke basketball or hate it, that is a great fan base.

That’s what so many mediocre teams lack. It’s hard to be those four Indians fans when your team sucks. The worst fans are the ones that blame the coach for everything.

One of my pet peeves from my time at UNC was the constant "fire the coach" refrain. Teams that change coaches frequently don’t win consistently (he says with absolutely no data to back it up).

I’m running out of steam now. I would ask one thing of you. Show me more haters. Have a favorite bit of hate from Ohio State or Michigan? Post it. I am still finding my way around the SB Nation sites.

I don’t need much fuel to hate those teams, but it’s a long way until Ireland…I need some reading material.



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