10 Reasons to Back the "We Are! 2014" Penn State Preview Magazine on Kickstarter

As many of you are well aware, the Kickstarter campaign for the "We Are! 2014" Penn State Preview Magazine is coming in on the home stretch and we're close to meeting our goal of $13,000. All the die-hards and cool kids have already jumped on board and pledged significant amounts of American currency (Maple...) to the cause, but for some reason you haven't.

Whats the deal, bro?

Ok, maybe you need a little convincing. Sure. I mean, its not like you're funding the best (and only) football preview magazine completely dedicated to Penn State, with loads of information and stories written by some of your favorite current and former authors at BSD (and also Chris), as well as beat reporter Ben Jones, and the uber awesome PSU historian Lou Prato. I can see why you totally need convincing to throw money at this thing. Totally.


So I guess I have to convince you. Whatever, thats cool. I'll step up and do my civic duty. Here are 10 (completely made up) reasons why you should back the We Are! 2014 Kickstarter.

Top 10 Reasons to Back the We Are! 2014 Penn State Preview Magazine

10. There are 30+ dreamy photos of Christian Hackenbergand his luxurious coif of hair, all taken while hidden in bushes or trees through telescopic lens by BSD's resident stalker recruiting expert, Chris Polak.

9. There's a two page centerfold spread of proposed alternate Penn State Pro-Combat uniforms you can easily tear out and burn.

8. Your drinking problem is getting a little out of control and spending money on this magazine might help curb the issue. Unless you're a drunk spender, in which case, finish that bottle of Old Grandad and see if you can get the high score on Kickstarter with that $1000 level donation. We support you!

7. James Franklin will come to your house and make balloon animals for you. Especially if you live in New Jersey and are a football player being recruited by Rutgers.

6. Nick will permanently change his name to Chris if we reach our goal. He'll change his name to Captain Fuzzy-Bottom if we reach the stretch goal.

5. It comes with a complimentary 2014 "Men of BSD" Calendar, with a different BSD writer/commenter for every month. And before you even ask, WBF is November. The Pilgrims aren't the only ones coming to Thanksgiving dinner this year. *wink*


4. If you don't support the magazine, you can #GetBent2014

3. The magazine is totally loaded with hidden double entendres and innuendo. Just look at last year's magazine. "Things You Can Do With a Tight End?" Kinky. Wait until you get to the Michigan preview and read all about Butt.

2. At the back of the magazine is a map that shows the location of the secret BOT warehouse where the missing Joe Paterno statue is being stored. Also, the Ark of the Covenant.

1. If this thing doesn't get fully funded, M1EK and HughGR take over BSD for a month.

Head over the the Kickstarter and help reach our goal and make this magazine a reality!

Otherwise, the threats begin...

*Note: None of the items listed above are true. Probably. Well, maybe #10.

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