Superheros in Football?

Because it has sparked such a lively debate in my unrated recruiting mailbag, I figured we should open it up to the public on here. So I'll repost the original question from bscaff, as well as my original answer (which I still maintain is the best answer).

If you, as lead recruiting coordinator, could secure the commitment of one comic book hero or villain, but only one, whom would you choose, what would you have to promise him/her to get the LOI signed, and where would you pencil him/her into the lineup? - bscaff

There are a ton of awesome choices for this. You could go with the obvious one and say Hulk, but I think he would be a little too unpredictable for my taste. He could just as easily jump into the endzone as spring up into the stands. So that won't work. Captain America is another intriguing option due to his speed and agility. But he doesn't have the mean streak I want in a football player. The Flash would be too quick for the rest of the team, which would probably cause more than a few fumbles on handoffs. Although I suppose using him in the passing game would be fine, it would just take a ton of concentration on the quarterback's part.

I'm going to go with Magneto. In today's age of football everyone is wearing metal in some form, so I think he would be a true weapon for my squad. I would put him back at free safety and just let him go to work. Whether it's putting my defense in the right spot, or taking the offense out of theirs, he would be perfect. He could even cause a few false starts if he felt like it.

As far as securing his commitment goes, I don't really know what I'm supposed to give Magneto to appease him. I suppose I could let him go play with a bunch of metal out in the countless open fields we have, if that's what he wants to do. I think he would be more in a position to demand from me, rather than me making promises.



So let's hear it. If we get enough of similar answers, I'll add a poll of sorts for people to vote on. But for now, just tell me what you think.

ALSO- Answer all parts of the question. Tell us what position your hero/villain is going to play as well as your recruiting tactics to gain their commitment.

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