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Any of you in the DC area for the last 20 years who've been active in the chapter probably know all about our long-time softball coach emeritus and his sublime awesomeness - Coach P. Well it turns out he produced a pretty bright offspring who is well on his way to outstripping all of his fathers accomplishments before puberty fully sets in. I'll leave it to this note from his mom to get the details but here's the gist:


KID = Already a scholarship winner


Details below...

Hi all,

We got some big news over the weekend that Johnny and his friend, Kiran, were the team winners for their age category for the 3rd Annual Global Spark!Lab Invent It Challenge, which is an international contest sponsored by the Smithsonian and ePals for kids to submit an invention to solve a real world problem. There were hundreds of entries from the US, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Thailand, Canada and Russia. One individual and one team submission were chosen as winners for each of 4 age groups.

Not only did Johnny and Kiran win the team submission for their age group, but the selection committee was so thrilled with their invention that they awarded the boys 2 out of the 3 scholarships that they had to distribute for all winners!!! Johnny’s been bouncing off the walls with excitement. The boys put in many weeks of hard work on this project and Johnny’s computer skills came in very handy!

Anyway, I (the proud mama) wanted to share the good news, but also wanted to reach out because there’s one more step of the contest, the ePals Choice Award, that will award the invention with the most votes an additional prize. So, I am shamelessly asking for you to vote for Johnny and Kiran invention to help them crush this thing! :) You can vote as many times as you want. I think that I, alone, voted at least 300 times already! Voting ends May 18.

Their invention is called FCPSchool Bus Tracker and is a way for parents and schools to track where a school bus is at any given time, ie if you’re running late (like I often do!) you can see if you missed the bus. The idea was to eventually make this into a realtime app that tracks each bus via GPS. The current model is a website without GPS, since that would involve legal logistics with the county’s transportation company.

If you’re interested in seeing their presentation you can click it to see the "dumbed down" PDF version (minus all of Johnny’s great animations!), but it disabled the hyperlink on the last page that takes you to their project’s website. You can access their invention at (select "Mosby Woods" as the school and type in "demo" for the password).

But, more importantly, here’s the link to vote so they can be the top winner this year! Scroll down to Team Winners, Ages 11-13, where you’ll see FCPSchool Bus Tracker by Johnny P and Kiran S. Again, tap on that VOTE button a bunch of times if you can!

Thanks in advance for your support! Vote now and vote often!!!! Again, voting ends May 18!


One proud mama! (aka Kathy)

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