Little Wings and Tailgating Foods

Little Wing-backs

When browsing this coming season's depth chart there is the obvious point that our wide receivers have very little experience. With Hamilton, Lewis, Jonathan Warner and Matt Zanellato PSU has a group of guys all at or over 6'1 and at or above 200 pounds. Those are not huge wr's by anyone's calculations but they are not small either.

The little wings, or slot receivers as they are sometimes called, De'Andre Thompkins and Richy Anderson, may play a pivotal role in determining the success of the receivers as a group this year. They are both listed at 5'11 and both are listed at or below 175 pounds. Although they're our little wings, they may prove to be our hardest hitting weapons on the outside this season. Thompkins is expected to make an immediate impact, and Anderson had a large impact as a walk-on true freshman, playing in eleven games and catching 13 passes, only two fewer than Adam Breneman.

While it is expected that Lewis will get his numbers, probably 50 catches at least, the contribution from the 2nd, 3rd, maybe even fourth wide receiver may prove to be the production that this team needs to replace the production of Robinson and Felder from last season. It will be interesting to see if either Anderson or Thompkins will be used out of the backfield or if they will ever be in the game at the same time.

Tailgating Foods and Game-day Preparation

This season's first game starts at 8:30 a.m., which will put a major league curveball on pre-game meals and preparation. How to approach the first game is a mystery. The first attempt was Buffalo Wing Pancakes, but they turned out to be too spicy first thing in the morning and I also chipped a tooth on one of the bones. With the season starting in Matt Zanelatto days, I'm beginning to worry that the first game of the season is going to screw up normal tailgating procedures. A bad tailgating experience in week one could carry over into the next week against Akron if we aren't careful.

For the past few years, I've been going to Hooters or Buffalo Wild Wings before the game and bringing home enough food to last the game and then the next meal after that. With recent developments in the chicken wing industry such as the potential shortages in wings, shrinking portions, and the risk of shrinking your unborn babies' penis; it seems logical to explore other options for this coming football season. The stereotypical cut carrots, celery and blue cheese are getting boring.

Some new recipes have been tried, some work some don't. Right now, I have shrimp and battered beer on the grill. I grill shrimp all the time, but this is the first time i've tried it with the battered beer. Instead of looking up the recipe online or asking someone how to make this dish, I just went for it.

So first I cleaned the shrimp and put them on the grill using the double-skewer method. Putting two bamboo skewers through each shrimp keeps them from spinning when you need to turn them. Next I made a batch of batter and rolled a few cans of Yuengling around in it. In order to get the batter to stick to the outside of the cans, first apply extra virgin olive oil to the outside of the cans. Once battered, I put the beer cans on the grill beside the shrimp and then, BOOM, I'm ready to tailgate.

So I was wondering what everyone else does for tailgating foods? What are your favorite football foods and can you suggest any recipes? Can anyone suggest some other recipes, like Buffalo Wing Pancakes, that we should steer clear of when preparing tailgate foods?

I have to go tend the grill now, the beers are starting to sizzle and expand, so they must almost be ready.

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