OT Friday: GoT Edition

We haven't had one of these in a while, and what better excuse than the season finale of Game of Thrones?

I'll get into my theories of why I'm so excited in a little bit, but I'll preface this fanpost by saying that it's going to be for those who watch the show. So if you don't watch the show and don't want to be spoiled, don't read the comments. If you don't watch the show and don't care, read away. If you read the books and want to discuss potentialities of the finale and future seasons, keep what you know that hasn't been revealed to the spoiler text so everyone else can avoid it. All that being said, this is your only spoiler alert for the comments section so if it has happened on the show, it's fair game to openly discuss in the comments.

OK, as many of you may know, I have read the Song of Ice and Fire books (and will continue to do so if Martin ever gets off his ass and finishes the series)--but I started after watching the first season. Having read them, there were exactly three episodes of the series that I was looking forward to:

  • the Red Wedding
  • the Purple Wedding
  • this week's season finale that has yet to develop a reasonable nickname

I have heard that this week's episode will be 66 minutes long, which makes up for the fact that last week's Battle of Castle Black was only a measly 53 minutes. As viewers of the show will attest, in every other season the penultimate episode was the episode before the season finale, with the season finale being a calmer, winding down episode. Not the case with season four. I have my own theories as to what the final shot of the episode will be.

Before last week, I had heard that there would be two character deaths--but I don't know if they meant in the remaining episodes, or in the finale. It could go either way if they stick with the books, and if they count last week's death as one of the two or not. But someone is definitely dying on Sunday night.

I simply am so excited, I'll probably be talking about it all weekend. What do you non-readers of the book expect?

And also, feel free to fill this up with GoT gifs. I'll start us off:


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