The Sound A Beaver Makes When It's Happy.

We all know some of the sounds that Beaver Stadium makes when the fans are enjoying happy times in the valley. Nothing gets a bunch of German descendants fired up like some good German techno-pop music. Enter Zombie Nation from Munich.

The song KernKraft 400 by Zombie Nation has been played at Beaver Stadium for over a decade, getting the fans hyped at critical times during the game. At times the fans will start the chant with no musical aid. We all know the lion roar is a regular sound effect at the games as well. In the past few months, there has been a grass-roots movement on the BSD message boards to play the song 'shoop' by Salt-N-Pepa after a big defensive play, or prior to a crucial defensive stop, now that Bob Shoop is our defensive coordinator. "Can I get some fries with that shake shake boobie?", the question once put forth by the 1980's philosopher known as Pepa. We can all agree that it would be nice to mix up the music a little bit more than we have in the past at Beaver Stadium games.

So it's time to nominate songs that fit either the names or the characteristics of our players. The words to the songs can be slightly altered if necessary in order to fit the players more accurately.

Kyle Carter. It just seems fitting that we would play 'Stroking' by Clarence Carter after any big play that he makes this season. Instead of the announcement over the PA system in Beaver Stadium simply saying 'Kyle Carter, 15 yard reception', we would hear, in a screaming voice, "Kyle Carter, Kyle Carter, Kyle Carter, oooooooh shit, Kyle Carter." And they would play this until the whole stadium was 'sassified'.

Christian Hackenberg. One potential song that could be played after a huge Hack attack could be Mack the Knife, performed by Louis Armstrong. The lyrics would again be slightly altered from Mack to Hack, and the trumpet intro could be used in between plays or in short stoppages. Another option here would be sister christian by Night Ranger, with the lyrics changed to 'Mr. Christian.' "You're motoring...what's your price for flight?"

Adam Breneman. This would take some cooperation with Pearl Jam front-man Eddie Vedder, but the song 'betterman' could be slightly altered so that the chorus is 'Hack finds Breneman, Hack finds Breneman.'

Zach Zwinak. There are all sorts of songs that could be used in reference to his bone-crushing running style. One song that could be used as a play off his name would be Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Relax. We could substitute 'Zwinak' for 'Relax' in the chorus that would be 'Zwinak, go to it, when you wanna run'. Another possibility here, playing off his red hair and our desire for him to rush for 100 yards or more could be 99 luftballons by Nena. This is the German version of 99 Red Balloons. For each yard that Zach rushes during the game, we add helium to a red balloon. Finally, when Zach gets more than 99 yards, we release the 99 luftbalons so that they fly over Beaver Stadium, off into the horizon only to later come down in some serene lake in Ohio, polluting their already messy state.

Adrian Amos. A song by Philadelphia's Amos Lee would probably work here. Maybe the man who wants you would work for its' funky bass line and horns.

Jordan Lucas. Known for his under-cutting interceptions from a year ago, Kenny Rogers' gambler would work here.

Ryan Keiser. This returning senior safety began making plays on the ball halfway though the year and his experience may get him that extra step that he lacked on some plays. John Fogerty's centerfield could work here.

DaeSean Hamilton. Harry Belafonte's Banana boat song could work here. Day-O, Dayyyyyy-O. Daylight come and he wanna catch pass.

Eugene Lewis. Lido by Boz Scaggs could easily be changed to 'Geno'

Brandon Bell. When the sophomore linebacker rings someone's bell, we can play Anita Ward's version.

Sam Ficken. ZZ Top's legs could easily be altered to 'he's got leg, he knows how to use it.' Also, should he miss a late field goal on the road in Illinois, we could play another song by zz top, Jesus Just Left Chicago, but use the Phish cover because it sounds better.

Deion Barnes. Must be the money by Deion Sanders is an option here. A lot of the younger guys may remember that Deion Sanders played both professional baseball and football at the same time, but they may not know that he did all that while rapping really badly as well.

Gary Wooten. 'Woot there it is!' The classic by Tag Team would fill Beaver Stadium with noise for a while after he makes a play.

Austin Johnson. A song by Big Pun could work here. He's not a player he just 'crushes' a lot.

Jesse James. Cher had a song Just Like Jesse James but i'm not sure we want to go there. Clay Walker has a song Jesse James that is less prone to making the listener attempt to pry out their own ear drums.

I've been pushing for the simple addition of Men Without Hat's Safety Dance following any PSU safety at Beaver Stadium. We could play the long version, where the song spells out 'Ssssss.Aaaaaa.Fffffff.Eeeeee.Ttttttttt.Yyyyyyy. To me, this is a simple request and isn't asking for too much, I mean, how many times since the Iowa game a decade ago have we had more than one safety at home in a game?

Last year was the Living On A Prayer season. It was cool that they played that song last season because it's an old song and everyone can sing the chorus. Now it would be even cooler if they never played that song ever again in Beaver Stadium. Same goes for Sweet Caroline; please everyone stop singing along to that one and they will stop playing it eventually. The Zombie Nation song Kernkraft 400 will remain a staple at Beaver Stadium. We will all bounce up and down to that one, it's fun and even after ten years, it still isn't old.

Does anyone have any suggestions for music at Beaver Stadium or to accompany the players when they make a play? Maybe Reading Rambler could suggest a Merle Haggard selection?

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