You have $66 and 22 PSU players to choose

Every off season I find some bit of inane fun to post on this here blog. Typically, it involves Merle Haggard, so just to get it over with, here's Merle Haggard.

"But I don't want to do a show in Canton, Ohio."

Now, anyway, this sort of thing has been going around the internet lately.


The above-pictured BHGP thing was inspired by this:

Now, this isn't terribly original of me, but it's too fun not to do this.

The rules for this are pretty simple. You have to pick 22 starters for your Penn State dream team, with 11 on each side of the ball.

A few notes:

Do try to pick players from each category and make a sensible football team. However, if you want to start five defensive linemen and five linebackers, well, at least no one will run the ball against you.

You've got plenty of options. If you want to be a pass happy spread team on offense, and a 4-4 run-crusher on defense, go right ahead. If you want to run the wishbone on offense, go right ahead.

Secondly, I didn't bother to include punters or kickers and so on, because, let's be honest, a person would have to be nuts to pick anyone other than John Bruno or Jeremy Kapinos for punter and one of the Bahr brothers for kicker.

Third, DEAR LORD, has Penn State had some great linebackers over the years. You already know this, but still, it's worth mentioning that in the 1970s, we had six first-team All-Americans at linebackers, and only one of them made my list. Even Mother Dunn, our first ever All-American in the early 1900s, played linebacker when he was on defense.

Here are your players:


Kerry Collins - $5

Todd Blackledge - $4

Richie Lucas - $3

Shorty Miller - $2

John Shaffer - $1


John Cappelletti - $5

Lenny Moore - $4

Curt Warner - $3

Larry Johnson - $2

Glenn Killinger - $1


Franco Harris - $5

Matt Suhey - $4

Sam Gash - $3

Brian Milne - $2

Jon Witman - $1


Ted Kwalick - $5

Kyle Brady - $4

Mickey Shuler - $3

Bob Higgins - $2

Dan Natale - $1


O.J. McDuffie - $5

Bobby Engram - $4

Kenny Jackson - $3

Allen Robinson - $2

Derrick Williams - $1


Sean Farrell - $5

Steve Wisniewski - $4

Jeff Hartings - $3

Joe Bedenk - $2

Steve Suhey - $1


Keith Dorney - $5

Chris Conlin - $4

Dave Joyner - $3

Levi Brown - $2

Roosevelt Grier - $1


Glenn Ressler - $5

A.Q. Shipley - $4

W.T. (Mother) Dunn - $3

Stefen Wisniewski - $2

Bucky Greeley - $1



Courtney Brown - $5

Dave Robinson - $4

Tamba Hali - $3

Bob Mittinger - $2

Walker Lee Ashley - $1


Mike Reid - $5

Bruce Clark - $4

Matt Millen - $3

Jared Odrick - $2

Devon Still - $1


Paul Posluszny - $5

Jack Ham - $4

Shane Conlan - $3

Dennis Onkotz - $2

LaVar Arrington - $1


Mark Robinson - $5

Eddie Johnson - $4

David Macklin - $3

Alan Zemaitis - $2

Duffy Cobbs - $1


Kim Herring - $5

Neal Smith - $4

Pete Harris - $3

Ray Isom - $2

Adrian Amos - $1


Darren Perry - $5

Michael Zordich - $4

Harry Hamilton - $3

Calvin Lowry - $2

Drew Astorino - $1

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