Oh, Hello: 2014 Indiana SF Jimmy Chitwood Commits to PSU



The Nittany Lions rounded out their best basketball recruiting season in recorded history with the addition of sharp-shooting Indiana prep star Jimmy Chitwood.



Jimmy Chitwood, Lady and Gentlemen!

Hometown Hickory, Indiana
High School Hickory High School
Class 2014
Position SF
Height 6'6"
Weight 145lbs

Starz 'n Sheetz

Rankings: 247Sports - 5-star, #1 overall / Scout - 5-star / ESPN - 5-star, #1 overall / Rivals - 5-star, #1 overall Spinal Tap- 6-star one better than #1 overall

Offers: Wabash (academic)


While there isn't a lot of game film on Chitwood, here is a video of Italian coach Normano Daleo giving Jimmy his recruiting pitch. It's not clear whether Chitwood decided not to accept the offer, or if he simply doesn't speak Italian. Notice his lower pant-legs in the video. Rolling up the legs of his home-made jeans...he'll fit right in at PSU!

The Tale

Chitwood was once considered the top recruit nationally for the class of 2014. However, when he decided not to play basketball for his senior year of high school or in college, all schools pulled their offers, except PSU. Halfway through the season, Chitwood changed his mind, joining his Hickory High teammates on a historic run to the state championship. During a recruiting trip PSU assistant coach Keith Urgo noticed a man lying face-down in a gutter outside a local bar. It turned out to be Hickory assistant coach Wilbur 'Shooter' Flatch. The two went back inside the bar, had a few drinks, but all he kept talking about were glory days. A friendship began between the two, and Shooter shared the reason with Urgo why Chitwood had decided not to play hoops anymore. It was Pat Chambers.

Reading online comments at the bottom of PSU hoops articles, Chitwood was convinced that if he went to play at PSU, coach Chambers would be fiured at some point. Not a man of many words, he gave the recently formed search committee charged with finding a new athletic director one qualification to his commitment to play hoops for PSU. He said, "I play, coach Chambers stays, he gets fiured, I go too."

This strong endorsement by the top recruit in the country, as well as his other success in the recruiting of Josh Reaves, Mike Watkins, and Deividas Zemgulis will ensure coach Chambers' job security for the near future. The fiur Chambers talk has been extinguished, the coals no longer hot to the touch, the team and fan-base can now focus on our play on the court.

While Chitwood's skill on the court is unquestioned, at 6'6 145 pounds, he is expected to red-shirt this season to add some weight. Chitwood will grab the final available scholarship for 2014.

Welcome, Jimmy!

Scholarship Matrix

2014-2015 2015-2016 2016-2017 2017-2018
1 G - DJ Newbill^ F - Brandon Taylor G - Geno Thorpe C - Julian Moore^
2 G - John Johnson F - Donovon Jack C - Julian Moore^ F - Payton Banks^
3 F - Ross Travis C - Jordan Dickerson F - Payton Banks^ G - Isaiah Washington
4 F - Brandon Taylor G - Devin Foster G - Isaiah Washington G - Shep Garner
5 F - Donovon Jack G - Geno Thorpe G - Shep Garner F - Michael Watkins
6 C - Jordan Dickerson C - Julian Moore^ F - Michael Watkins F - Deividas Zemgulis
7 G - Devin Foster F - Payton Banks^ F - Deividas Zemgulis G - Josh Reaves
8 G - Geno Thorpe G - Isaiah Washington G - Josh Reaves SF - Jimmy Chitwood
9 C -Julian Moore^ G - Shep Garner SF - Jimmy Chitwood
10 F - Payton Banks^ F - Michael Watkins
11 G - Isaiah Washington F - Deividas Zemgulis
12 G - Shep Garner G - Josh Reaves
13 SF - Jimmy Chitwood SF - Jimmy Chitwood^

Left 1 1 5 6
Senior Junior Sophomore Freshman

^Used a redshirt year

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