McGloin moves Pryor out of the way


Matt McGloin's quest for world domination has taken another step forward. The Raiders appear to be set to trade or release Pryor. This isn't all that unexpected, but who would have guessed it back when T.P. was making his "decision" and Nittany Lion fans were hoping he'd come to Happy Valley.

Penn State Quietly Wins Another Fencing National Title This Past Weekend


Didn't see anything except the repost of the Tweet here, so I'd thought I'd do a fanshot since there was a lot of discussion regarding the Kaidanov firing. Seems like his termination may have actually been a good thing for the team as PSU captured it's 13th National Title in Fencing, more than any other school in the nation. Regardless of whether Kaidanov's termination was justified (I don't believe it was), maybe the program became to comfortable and careless under his leadership so it needed a new face to energize the program. Thoughts? Anyway, it's clear that PSU won the weekend. CONGRATS TO BOTH THE FENCING AND WRESTLING TEAMS. WE ARE!!

Never Give Up


A picture of James English after winning his consolation match for 7th place. English is a walk-on sixth year senior that didn't make the starting lineup until the final week of the season, then earned his way to the NCAA tournament by placing 6th at the B1G tournament and not only made All American, but finished 7th by defeating last year's 141 pound national champion.

Penn State's Official Video on the 2014 Wrestling National Title


from GoPSUTV. You can check out their channel, which has the post-match interviews from Taylor, Ruth and Sanderson, here.

Former attorney general's take on Cynthia Baldwin


Just another opinion on one of the multitude of incredible acts of incompetence by all parties involved that led us to where we are now.

Raiders' fans debating McGloin


There is a pretty interesting thread alive and kicking over at Silver and Black Pride about the merits of Matt McGloin as a starting quarterback in the NFL. The Raiders have acquired Matt Schaub. I doubt McGloin is worried.

McGloin - BOB reunion planned?


"Currently, there is no word on what the Texans would be getting from the Raiders if the deal were to take place." Um, I have a word: Moxie.

Yeah so we're CBI-ing


This is what happens when you don't show up to the first several minutes of Minnesota games. Beat Hampton.

Andrew Quarless re-signs with the Packers


The Packers re-signed Andrew Quarless this week. The comments at Acme Packing are lengthy. Some are way off topic, but the feelings on Quarless are mixed. I feel like he has a chance to shine as a starter with Aaron Rodgers throwing to him.


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