Building on last week's great fashion success, PSU decided to do the same thing again. Only this time, they spent probably twice as long designing it and took into account the constructive criticism given by the BSD commentariat.

Notre Dame can't spell "Fighting Irish"


Hilarious stadium cups, guys.

WWE Night of Champions Sign Tourney!


This September, yours truly will attend WWE Night of Champions PPV in Detroit, MI. I will wear my uniform to the event, in hopes of getting television seats, which brings me to the purpose of this Fanshot: You BSDegenerates have a month to come up with the best sign for me to hold at the event! Rules: 1. No swearing (all ages show, to include my kids) 2. If you want more than poorly handwritten text, please include visual media, MS Paint should be funny 3. Mega complicated or estimated price exceeding $10, mail the dang thing to a provided address. Due to my personal laziness, this might be the best course of action, period. 4. Winner will be the post with the most recs. 5. Encourage your friends to participate by telling them to read this Fanshot.

The ebb and flow of reason


Meh - thought it was an interesting comment. Full article blah blah is at the following:

Joe and Mike meet


"Spanier will move against you first. He'll set up a meeting with someone you absolutely trust...and at that meeting, you'll be scapegoated....I always knew Jay would have to fight through this, and Scotty...well, Scotty was...but I never wanted this for you Michael...I always thought that, when it was your time, it'd be Senator Big Red, Governor Big Red, something." "Another pezzonovante." "Well, there just wasn't enough time, Michael. There just wasn't enough time.......Now listen, who ever comes to you with this scapegoat meeting, he's the traitor. Never forget that."

Dude, Where's My Blog? (Off-Topic Monday)


This is how my week started. I'm going to start a brewery and call it "The Mondays", so when you say "I've got a case of the Mondays", it's a good thing!

Donovan Smith Tweets Photo of New Penn State Jersey


Seems to be the first picture of a player actually wearing the 2013 jersey that has the slight modification of the Nittany Lion head which was announced last month. Thoughts?

Every time I see a story about Johnny Manziel...


He knows every LB on A&M's schedule is gunning for him, right?

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