Penn State and Joepa Set Up as Bad Guys on OTE


You just have to read this. Maybe the whiniest piece I've read so far. It's so bad that M1EK is actually defending Penn State in the comments.

Paul T. Stecko Family Donates $1M To Upgrade Lasch


Ask and ye shall receive. Coach Franklin caught everyone's attention when he mentioned that Vandy's interior decorations were better than Dear Old State's. The Stecko Family stuffed a cool $1M in Coach's pocket and said, "there - that ought to take care of it." The team locker room will now bear the Stecko Family name. >Sidenote to the link: how about the $2.2B total raised from a fractured alumni base as part of the "For The Future" campaign? Not too shabby.

Our 2015 Class Surprises the Folks at Bleacher Report...and Me Too


I never expected this. Not in a million years. Not after IT. Not after losing OB. And if you are probably didn't expect it either. I know many of you are still skeptical of JF, but I'll tell you this, if the guy can sell Penn State to this caliber of recruits, he can build a team. And building a team, not just a collection of great athletes, is how you win games. It's clear from the way he's built this class that the guy can capture the imagination and loyalty of these young athletes. I never expected it. I was prepared for a whole lot worse. His recruiting skill is like expecting socks for Christmas and getting a pony. I'm 90% of the way on to the Franklin bus already. If he turns out to be a decent game coach, I'll be all in.

A good idea for BSD


Yes, I'm aware none of you read the FanShots, but I saw this on BHGP and thought this would be an amazing idea for THON if anyone is into it. We can even make one of the writers do something, idk, make Bill dress in a tutu for a day or something. Anyone interested?

This Inspired Me To Donate to a Cause......


I get the value of conspicuous charity, but I like this style better.

Taliaferro, LeGrand to Captain Rutgers-Penn State Game


The former Penn State and Big Ten Powerhouse Rutgers players, forever linked by the injuries that left them paralyzed on the playing field, will serve as game captains for the Sept. 13 matchup between the two teams. Adam Taliaferro ran the Nittany Lions onto the field less than a year after his injury and believes Eric LeGrand will do the same for Rutgers sometime in the future. There will be few dry eyes in Piscataway before the 8pm kickoff.

Moxie lost the title belt


game wining TD run from Raiders 3rd string QB... minus the titlebelt

Hackenberg less "intriguing" than "whoever starts at Texas A&M"?


It's as if The Onion took a stab at college football writing... This might be the least informed ranking of college quarterbacks published this year. Hack is ranked behind the likes of Gunner Kiel of Cincy and "whoever starts at Texas A&M".

Penn State Volleyball Is Preseason #1


Garnering 32 of the 60 first place votes, the defending national champion Nittany Lions were one of seven Big Ten teams in the top 25. NCAA runners up Wisconsin (#6), Nebraska (#7), and Purdue (#8) are the other B1G programs in the top ten; Texas (#2), Stanford (#3), USC (#5), and the Badgers all also received first place votes in the preseason poll.

UCF Names Redshirt Freshman Pete DiNovo Starting Quarterback


George O'Leary has named his starting quarterback more than two weeks ahead of the season opener against Penn State, choosing redshirt freshman Pete DiNovo ahead of true sophomore Justin Holman. DiNovo is more of a true pocket passer in the mold of former UCF quarterback Blake Bortles and will get the nod over the dual-threat option Holman.

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