Ohio State is NOT recruiting against Penn State...They are NOT!

Nice bit of sour grapes from the folks at Eleven Warriors: Now, here's the real "concept" I want you to take away from this: Ohio State is not recruiting against Penn State. Ohio State is recruiting against Alabama and Florida State. Penn State is making a lot of noise right now, but these things have a way of leveling off (See: Michigan, University of, 2012-2013.) I know I've said it before, but I feel at this point it's imperative to reiterate: trust Urban Meyer, and trust his staff. Follow the plan.

Taylor wins Hodge Trophy !!!

Congratulations to David Taylor for winning the Hodge, along with several other awards this season.


In case you didn't hear, It's CFB pre-season magazine season. CFB Matrix is asking for your vote for the cover.

Rutgers Decides To Hate On Penn State, I Guess?

I'm SURE all commenters on both sides of the aisle will allow cooler heads to prevail.

OSU's AD gets $18K because Logan Steiber is good at wrestling

He probably ought to at least take Steiber out to a nice dinner to thank him, but of course that would be an NCAA violation...

Christian Hackenberg, the next Andrew Luck?

An article on Hackenberg's excellent freshman season and how his NFL draft stock could soon be the highest in the country.

BOT Cancels Paterno Tribute

What I suspected all along and what is becoming more and more apparent is that when IT landed, the BOT "circled the wagons" around themselves only and their little clique and threw everyone else under the bus. Links to the pdf documents are to the right of JoePa's pic.

McGloin moves Pryor out of the way

Matt McGloin's quest for world domination has taken another step forward. The Raiders appear to be set to trade or release Pryor. This isn't all that unexpected, but who would have guessed it back when T.P. was making his "decision" and Nittany Lion fans were hoping he'd come to Happy Valley.

Penn State Quietly Wins Another Fencing National Title This Past Weekend

Didn't see anything except the repost of the Tweet here, so I'd thought I'd do a fanshot since there was a lot of discussion regarding the Kaidanov firing. Seems like his termination may have actually been a good thing for the team as PSU captured it's 13th National Title in Fencing, more than any other school in the nation. Regardless of whether Kaidanov's termination was justified (I don't believe it was), maybe the program became to comfortable and careless under his leadership so it needed a new face to energize the program. Thoughts? Anyway, it's clear that PSU won the weekend. CONGRATS TO BOTH THE FENCING AND WRESTLING TEAMS. WE ARE!!

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