Other Sports

Serve Up For Pickin' Nits

Your weekly roundup of "other" sports.

Off-Speed Pickin' Nits

Chin music and 12-6 breaking balls are better than you think.

All Pickin' Nits Does Is Win

Well, we try hard.


Springtime For Pickin' Nits

While most of us were suffering through #SB14 in the 40s, some Nittany Lions were taking advantage of the warmth all throughout the country.

Pickin' Nits Plays for Titles

We demand excellence. Or something similar to excellence.

Pickin' Nits Loves That Ba. Sket. Baaaaaaaaaaaall.


Pickin' Nits is Still Grinning Like an Idiot

Remember that time we beat Michigan in football?

MMQB: The Second Sport

Which sport gets second billing behind football at Penn State?

Pickin' Nits Is Faster Than My iOS 7 Update

It's taken three hours. Three.


Pickin' Nits Has Returned

Your least favorite weekly column is back with a vengeance

Kaidanov out as Fencing Coach

After 31 years at the helm of the PSU Fencing Team (mens and womens), today rumors started swirling that Penn State coach Emmanuil Kaidanov has been fired from that position. There has been...

Women's Soccer: PSU Ranked Fourth To Begin Season

The dynasty hopes to add another Big Ten title and then some this upcoming season.

The Final Pickin' Nits of 2012-13

Track and Field had their last meet of the year, and Bill is basically Brandon Roy

Pickin' Nits Is Back

We're almost done with Bill making bad jokes and recapping non-revenue sports. Hang in there, everyone.

Pickin' Nits Has No Idea What's Going On

There's only track and field.........lol wut

Pickin' Nits is Basically Done

Every PSU sport except for Track and Field is done for the year, which renders this piece more irrelevant than it already is (insert "That's not possible!" joke here). We'll figure out how we'll...

Pickin' Nits Is In The Home Stretch

We're running out of sports. It sucks.

Pickin' Nits is Done for the Semester

Lax has their postseason, softball had a big week and we say goodbye to men's volleyball

Pickin' Nits: Finals Week

Baseball's hot, tennis isn't and all the other PSU sports news from this past week that doesn't involve Steven Bench

Pickin' Nits Will See You Guys This Weekend

BLUE-WHITE BLUE-WHITE BLUE-WHITE BLUE-WHITE and other Penn State sports, too

Pickin' Nits Submits Its Cover Vote

Everyone else got their We Are! 2013 athletes wrong. Bill's here to make it right. Also, baseball poetry.

Pickin' Nits Isn't Going to Wrestlemania

Something that never had a chance at happening isn't happening. Plus everything else in BSD's weekly non-revenue roundup.

The Most Important Pickin' Nits Ever

This week, Pickin' Nits tackles the most important question of all time: What is the greatest 90's-to-00's boy band song of all time?

Pickin' Nits: Double Duty

A special two-week edition because technology, like everyone else, hates Bill

Pickin' Nits Looks Ahead to the B1G WBB Tournament

PSUWBB, along with all the other Penn State sports.......and Aaron Carter

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