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"I wanted this book to be honest and true,"


While critics dubbed Posnanski’s book "toxic" before it even hit stands and the New York Times called it "the worst timed book in the history of the world," Posnanski said he wanted to do the best with his access to the Paterno family and with the story he was following. I have slowly been reading the biography over the last week or so. I am struck by what and honest man Joe was. "The Freeh report didn’t wait. People wrote and talked on television," Posnanski said. "Nobody waits. None of these people wait. It seems to me that when the question gets asked only to the person who actually talked to Joe Paterno, that it feels like the question is a little bit turned on its side."

Al Pacino To Play Paterno In Biopic

Al Pacino has been cast to play Joe Paterno in a new film based on Joe Posnanski's book, "Paterno".

Flounders: 10 fascinating sports facts revealed in Joe Paterno biography


More excerpts from the new Paterno book in an article by Patriot News sports writer Bob Flounders. I'm looking forward to reading the whole book when it comes out on Tuesday. Here's the next big quote to be taken out of context - According to Posnanski, Paterno put both hands on the kitchen table, looked Spanier in the eye and said, "You take care of your playground, and I’ll take care of mine."

Paternoville Is Now Nittanyville


The student encampment outside of Beaver Stadium has changed its name from "Paternoville" to "Nittanyville" as decided by the group of Penn State students who lead the organization.

Well Then, Let's Go


Black Shoe Diaries staff writer "bscaff" fires back at the critics who claim it was the "Penn State Way" that led to the massive scandal and Joe Paterno's downfall. The problem was, he writes, that...

The Sandusky Verdict - . . . And Justice for All


Justice was served last night when Jerry Sandusky was found guilty by a jury of his peers. Black Shoe Diaries' Adam Collyer reflects on the verdict, the crowd's reaction, and the feelings...

Success With Hyperlinking Welcomes College Football Intelligentsia


Success With Hyperlinking welcomes BSD's newest writer, congratulates a senior center, and checks out the rest of the most recent Penn State news.

Notes from the Coaches Caravan Stop in Cleveland


Bill O'Brien made his way to Cleveland as part of Penn State's Coaches Caravan series. We highlight some of his more notable comments from the press conference, address to the audience and Q&A...

Why Penn State Should Avoid 'Joe Paterno Field'


Penn State fans from across the nation have passionately lobbied for Penn State to honor its late coach with "Joe Paterno Field." However, one of our writers does not feel this is the way to honor...

Most Satisfying Win of 2011: Penn State 13, Iowa 3


The 2011 season will not be remembered fondly by Penn State fans as they try to move on from the university's darkest hours. There were a few bright spots, and we take a look at some of the most...

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