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Virginia recruit visiting this weekend


Fuller Hoepner, a 6'2" 220 lb QB/ATH from my area, Midlothian (suburb of Richmond), is heading to PSU to check the game out this weekend. Scout doesn't even have him in their database, and Rivals doesn't have a star rating for him. His stats as a QB don't seem all that impressive, and the article states William & Mary and Virginia Tech are recruiting him. I'd imagine with the number of schollies we have left, he would have to be a walk-on. Unless our guys see something in him.

I don't like Paterno, I'll be real honest.

Virginia Tech Recruiting Director Jim Cavanaugh complains about PSU recruiting tactics on VT radio show From the notes of the radio show: "Cavanaugh has always had a straightforward approach to recruiting. He's honest with players. Some coaches will promise playing time, etc., but you can't do that. In 40 years of coaching, Cav has told just one recruit he would start as a freshman, and he was a prep school recruit. That was Mike Quick, who played in the NFL for a long time. Even Michael Vick redshirted. Cav doesn't like Penn State because they have some questionable recruiting tactics. They make promises to players that they don't keep. They promised Michael Robinson he would play quarterback, but they didn't put him there until his senior season." I was informed of this guy's butthurt by my boss's boss (enormous Tech fan). It seems to be the general consensus down here in Hokieland that PSU steals recruits by making empty promises while Tech's recruiters are up-front and honest. And to that, I say a big "Waaahhhhh, crybabies". Maybe, just maybe, we're raiding your territory because we're a far more attractive program and you can't erect a Great Wall of 'Stache like Pitt. Everyone thinks their program is on the up-and-up, and when they come up short to one school routinely on the recruiting trail (Robinson, Newsome, Zwinak, etc), they resort to the tried-and-true stance of "they lie and cheat" as opposed to recognizing their own shortcomings.

Paterno on why to play ball at PSU


Joe Paterno wants football recruits to consider Penn State on its merits, not on whether the Hall of Fame coach will be around for the length of their stay.

PSU enjoys successful weekend


Nice fluff article on our latest commits.

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