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Freshman Robert Bolden to be PSU's starting QB


The other two older options must have been really bad for JoePa to name a freshman as the starter.

Penn State Spring Battles - Quarterbacks


Yes, it's time. The smoldering crater that is the Penn State men's basketball program is, until further notice, directly in our collective rearview mirror as we look ahead toward our one true love:...

Nitt Picks Saw The Police And They Rolled Right Past Me


You are kind and generous people. Thank you.

Robert Bolden Deciding; Paul Jones Not Hopelessly Crippled


Double-barrel QB news for PSU, and it's very good news.

Come On Down: Quarterback Robert Bolden Selects Penn State


We never always knew JayPa could do this, and wooooooooooo!  Welcome Robert Bolden to the Nittany Lions.  Let's be clear right at the top.  This isn't some scrubbish Plan-C quarterback that Penn...

Nitt Picks Waxes On, Waxes Off


The quiet before the recruiting storm.

Welcome Aboard, Will Gholston


Meet heralded 2010 football recruit Will Gholston, who recently committed to play at Michigan State.

Michigan State targets impress at NIKE camp - Gang Green


Mike Trogan does the work for me by culling the portions of this ESPN article which are relevant for MSU fans. MSU targets Robert Bolden (QB), William Gholston (DE/LB) and Austin White (RB, brother of Blair Austin and Myles) all performed well, with White winning the camp MVP award. (Sadly, he's seemingly considered a Michigan lean by most who know these things.) Gholston was especially impressive: "If a "look test" award were given out, it almost certainly would have gone to Gholston, another ESPNU 150 Watch List prospect. Gholston not only looked great physically, but he showed speed and agility for a big guy. On more than one occasion, Gholston blew by his opponent with an outside speed rush." Finally, there's this from a USA Today article about the camp: But after the one-on-ones started, the attention quickly turned to the guy who was dominating Gholston in those battles – offensive lineman Connor Kruse of Lowell (Mich.) High. Not much was known about Kruse heading into the camp – he wasn't even in the Rivals.com recruiting database until recently – but after handling Gholston in one-on-ones and looking solid in drill work, he's a name to remember. "I have one offer from Western Michigan," said Kruse, who is 6-4 and 280 pounds. "I'm hoping a camp like this will help get me on the map even more . . . ." We'll see if our coaches were similarly impressed.

Morning Quack Fix: 5.28.09


Jeez, I take a few days of vacation and all sorts of excitement ensues. Here's what I could find in wake of the Harper/Roper defections: Yeah, so decent talent is going out - but also some is...

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